Rare Jedi Species: 14 Jedi Who Are The Only One of Their Kind

rare Jedi species

In Star Wars, Jedi come from a wide variety of planets, backgrounds and species from around the galaxy. Even during the most prosperous eras of the Jedi Order, only a rare percentage of galactic citizens serve as Jedi Knights. Rarer still, some individuals who train as Jedi are the only known Jedi of their entire … Read more

All of the Lasat Jedi: Zeb and Jaro Tapal’s Species

Lasat Jedi in Star Wars

Lasat Jedi are rare in Star Wars. Lasats are a tall, physically strong and agile humanoid species. Lasats have strong legs and large fingers and toes making them fast runners, nimble jumpers, and excellent climbers. They have excellent sight and hearing as well due to their large eyes and large, pointed ears as well. Early … Read more