How to Install a Covertec Wheel Using a Lightsaber Blade Retention Screw Hole

Covertec wheel in a blade retention screw hole

Let’s say one day you decide you want to wear your lightsaber hilt, but unfortunately the model that you purchased doesn’t have the hole near the bottom of the hilt for you to install a Covertec wheel. You do have at least one alternative if you either don’t have the tools to drill and tap … Read more

Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber: What to Expect

Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber

Ultrasabers offers an interesting, cheap lightsaber called a “Grab Bag Saber” for $70 (or $55 without the blade). How it works is you you don’t have choice of the hilt model–Ultrasabers just sends you a hilt. You also don’t have a choice of the blade color unless you pay a little extra to select the … Read more

Top 5 Advantages of Using a 24 inch Lightsaber Blade

Ultrasabers blade length

Although 32 inch and 36 inch lightsaber blades are considered to be full-size and a standard length, here are the top five advantages of using a shorter, 24 inch lightsaber blade. 1. Manageable lightsaber blade length for a child Kids are shorter people, so a shorter lightsaber blade works better for them. A shorter, 24 … Read more

Covertec Clip Introduction: Wearing Your Lightsaber Hilt

The covertec clip is a simple, inexpensive and popular device for wearing a lightsaber hilt. Let’s take look at how a covertec clip and covertec wheel work and how they allow you to wear your lightsaber. A covertec wheel–which is also sometimes called covertec knob, is a small, flat cylindrical disc that attaches to your … Read more