Lightsaber Blade Color vs. Lightsaber LED color Explained

Lightsaber blade color

Lightsaber blade color and lightsaber LED color two terms that often used interchangeably, but blade color and LED color are not always the same thing. Many people use the term “blade color” in order to reference the LED color. Blade color can also refer to the final blade color that you see. You can achieve … Read more

What is an RGB lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

Kyberlight Saber with purple blade

An RBG lightsaber is a lightsaber with multiple-LED color options built into the saber hilt. RGB stands for “red, green, blue”. An RGB lightsaber uses and mixes red, green, and blue together to create the resulting lightsaber blade color. The quantity and type of colors available on an RGB lightsaber vary depending on the lightsaber … Read more

Non-standard lightsabers: crossguard, Darksaber, whip, nunchucks, etc.

Non-standard lightsabers

When you think of a lightsaber you probably think of just sort of a basic cylinder. But lightsabers have gotten a lot crazier in recent years so let’s talk about some of the more non-standard designs. One of the first non-standard designs that became pretty popular was the double bladed lightsaber, made famous by Darth Maul … Read more

Which lightsaber companies sell Mystery Boxes?

Ultrasabers and Saberforge lightsabers

Multiple lightsaber companies sell Mystery Boxes. A ‘mystery box’ means a buyer purchases an item without knowing which style or model they will get. A lightsaber related mystery box typically contains ONE item, rather than a box full of items. Also, some companies use different names for mystery boxes like ‘grab bag’ or ‘mystery bag’ … Read more

What is Flash on Clash (FOC)? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber blade with Flash on Clash

Flash on Clash is a visual effect where the lightsaber blade color briefly changes to a different color upon impact. For example, if you hit the blade against another lightsaber blade, against your hand, against the table or some other object, then the blade color will briefly change to a secondary color before reverting to … Read more

What is a shoto lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

Shoto lightsaber

Shoto is a Japanese word for “short sword” and it’s basically a sword that’s in between the length of a dagger (or knife) and a full length sword like a katana. In the context of Star Wars, a shoto lightsaber is a lightsaber that is shorter in length. Both the blade and hilt itself are … Read more

How to Wear Your Lightsaber: D-Ring vs Covertec Wheel

Wearing Your Lightsaber

The Covertec wheel and D-ring are the two primary methods you would use to wear your lightsaber hilt on your belt. Which method is better? That depends on what you’re looking for. A little backstory, the D-ring is what was used during the filming of the Original Trilogy. The actor would attach the lightsaber’s D-ring … Read more

Advantages of Using a 32 inch Blade: The Goldilocks Blade

32 inch lightsaber blade

Out of a variety of lightsaber blade lengths, the 32 inch blade boasts the versatility of shorter blades while maintaining the stature and gravitas of a full length blade. Ultrasabers offers three main lightsaber blade lengths: 36 inch, 32 inch and 24 inch. They also offer a 40 inch blade, 16 inch blade and custom … Read more

Top 5 Reasons NOT to Buy an Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber

Ultrasabers recharge port

There are many benefits of buying an Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber, but also several reasons why you may not want to purchase a Grab Bag Saber. Ultrasabers no longer uses Apprentice or Initiate models for Grab Bag Sabers [UPDATE 3/20/2018: Viewers are reporting receiving Apprentice and Initiate models as Grab Bag Sabers]. Let’s talk about … Read more