ACLightsabers TCO lightsaber

ACLightsabers TCO Lightsaber Released | New Saber Alert

The ACLightsabers TCO lightsaber has been released. The budget friendly custom saber is influenced by the design of the Graflex lightsaber (i.e. Skywalker lightsaber), though the design is slimmed-down and simplified. “TCO” stands for “The Chosen One”. The ACLightsabers TCO lightsaber is available as a stunt saber (light only, no sound), sound saber with in-hilt LED, or neopixel saber.

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ACLightsabers TCO lightsaber
ACLightsabers TCO lightsaber (slimmed-down, Graflex style design) | IMAGE CREDIT ACLightsabers

The ACLightsabers TCO lightsaber is a lightweight, T6061 aluminum hilt version of the PVC lightsaber called ACLightsabers Anakin lightsaber. The hilt measures 12 inches long. The hilt breaks down into three main pieces: emitter/upper body section, lower grip section, and vented pommel. The slimmed-down design and low profile features make the hilt less cumbersome and easier to maneuver than traditional Graflex style lightsabers.

The simplified and slimmed down design includes iconic Graflex inspired features including an s-curve emitter, bunny ears, and two circular cutouts on the upper front face of the hilt. The activation switch and recharge port are situated in the a diamond knurled section in the middle of the hilt. The vertical grips, which are anodized black, are made from aluminum rather than rubber or plastic. In fact, nearly the entire hilt is made of aluminum, except for the bunny ears and the thumb screw at the top of the hilt.

ACLightsabers offers many electronics configurations for the TCO lightsaber. The most basic and least expensive option is the stunt saber configuration (single in-hilt LED color, no sound). The company offers multiple sound saber options (single in-hilt LED color or RGB) and a neopixel saber option (installed with a Proffieboard).

ACLightsabers (Etsy) affiliate link

ACLightsabers is a Malaysia based custom saber company. The company, which operates an Etsy store, specializes in affordably priced custom saber designs including many PVC hilts and some metal hilts.

Image depicts the ACLightsabers TCO lightsaber

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