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The Allara lightsaber refers to two different green-bladed lightsabers that Jedi Padawan Allara dares to take from Confederate General Grievous in Star Wars Legends. The young Padawan survives two separate lightsaber duels with General Grievous, though he swiftly defeats her each time. Allara, a talented and courageous young human female member of the Bergruutfa Clan and a Padawan of Jedi Master Quarmall, serves the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars.

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Jedi Padawan Allara steals one green-bladed lightsaber from Grievous (left two images) and later a different one (right two images) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Dark Horse Comics

Allara Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

Allara learns the ways of the Force under the guidance of the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. A strong and talented student, she trains at the Jedi Academy as a member of Bergruutfa Clan. Jedi Master Quarmall decides to simultaneous take on all members of the Bergruutfa Clan as his Padawans. The unorthodox decision is not sanctioned by the Jedi Council.

In 20 BBY, Allara and the other Padawans accompany their master aboard a Mon Calamari ship. General Grievous and Confederate force board the vessel and seemingly kill Quarmall. General Grievous captures Allara and the other Padawans. In the absence of Quarmall, Allara assumes a leadership role among the Padawans.

The Confederates relocate the Padawans to Belsus and Grievous meets the young Padawans once more overlooking the city. “We will never serve the Sith,” Allara says. A short time later, she uses the Force to take a lightsaber from General Grievous. She ignites the green-bladed weapon, cutting down two battle droids. Grievous grabs her non-lightsaber arm and dangles her over the edge of the balcony. In demonstration of his power, he tells her to watch an assembly hall as commands the destruction of the building. A ship from above fires upon and destroys the hall.

Allara and the other Padawans are imprisoned below the city. She rallies the Padawans to uses their combined powers in the Force to open the door. Meanwhile, an Ugnaught miner tunnels into their holding cell and helps the Padawans escape. An infuriated Grievous becomes aware of the escape and pursues the Padawans. He ultimately locates them and catches up to the Padawans.

When Grievous confronts the Padawans, Allara tells him that he is stooping to kill children. He asks them if they are begging for their lives. “Only for a chance,” Allara says. Grievous tosses her one the lightsabers from his collection. She duel him briefly and he notes her courage before easily knocking her to the ground.

Meanwhile, three Jedi arrive, determined to assassinate Grievous. In defiance of the Jedi Council, the three Jedi B’dard Tone, Codi Ty, and Flynn Kybo set out to kill the Confederate general. Kybo leaps from above and engages Grievous in lightsaber combat and tells Codi Ty to get the Padawans to safety. Tone and Kybo die fighting Grievous. Ty, Allara, and the other young Padawans narrowly escape and report back to the Jedi Council.

Despite Allara’s pleas for leniency, the Jedi Council banishes Codi Ty from the Jedi Order due to his direct defiance of the Jedi Council.

The ultimate fate of Allara is unknown.

Behind the Scenes

Allara takes the first lightsaber from General Grievous in the comic book Star Wars: General Grievous 2 (2005) and the second lightsaber from General Grievous in the comic book Star Wars: General Grievous 4 (2005). She wields both lightsabers only briefly before General Grievous defeats her.

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