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The Tarr Seirr lightsaber is a single-bladed green lightsaber wielded by Jedi Tarr Seirr. Tarr Seirr is a Clone Wars era Cerean male Jedi Knight in Star Wars Legends. The Tarr Seirr lightsaber joins the General Grievous lightsaber collection.

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Tarr Seirr lightsaber
Tarr Seirr wielding the Tarr Seirr lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Cartoon Network/Disney

Tarr Seirr Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Tarr Seirr lightsaber is comprised of a cylindrical metal hilt. While the body of the hilt is mostly uniform in diameter, the emitter is the widest part of the hilt. A two-handed design, the lightsaber emits a green blade. Seirr is a skilled lightsaber combatant and utilizes Form IV of Lightsaber Combat (Ataru). Developed by the Jedi Order, Form IV is an acrobatic form of lightsaber combat favoring open spaces.

Jedi Knight Tarr Seirr is part of the Jedi Order during the final years of the Republic. After initially serving as a Jedi Watchman for his homesystem, the Cerean System, he is reassigned to Clone Wars battlefronts. He participates in an elite Jedi task force assigned to destroy a massive Separatist droid factory on the planet Hypori.

The mission to Hypori does not go as planned. As the Republic ships emerge from hyperspace near Hypori, Confederacy orbital mines cause most of the Republic ships to crash land on the planet behind enemy lines. Although all of the Jedi survive the rough landing, most of the clone troopers are killed.

The Jedi encounter Confederate General Grievous. The Jedi and Grievous engage in a lightsaber duel. During the battle, Tarr Seirr raises his lightsaber and charges Grievous. Grievous’s clawed foot grabs Seirr’s face and slams the Jedi into the ground. Seirr dies and General Grievous takes the Tarr Seirr lightsaber as a trophy, adding the weapon to his collection.

Behind the Scenes

The Tarr Seirr lightsaber first appears in “Chapter 20” (2004) of the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars.

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Cartoon Network/Disney
Tarr Seirr wielding the Tarr Seirr lightsaber

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