6 Stunning LED Lightsaber Stands Will Make Your Hilts Shine

LED lightsaber stands, sometimes called illuminated lightsaber stands, conveniently and attractively echo the aesthetic of ignited lightsabers. If you’re looking for a way to make your lightsaber hilts shine, you won’t want to miss these 6 stunning LED lightsaber stands.

LIST UPDATED: 4/21/2022

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1. Quest Design Canada Metal LED Lightsaber Stands

Canada seller

Quest Design Canada makes high-end, illuminated laser cut metal lightsabers stands. Single hilt stands and multi-hilt stands are available. Quest Design Canada LED stands feature an in-universe, Death Star corridor pattern back lighting. The company offers multiple bracket size and spacing options. The company makes stands with single color lighting or RGB color changing capabilities. A power supply is included.

Note: Quest Design Canada provided SaberSourcing with a sample stand. Find the review for the illuminated stand here.

2. DCHolocrons LED Lightsaber Stands with Mini Holocron

United States seller

DCHolocrons makes a selection of LED Lightsaber Stands featuring an illuminated mini holocron embedded in the base. The stands include either a mini Jedi holocrons (cube) or mini Sith holocron (pyramid). The company offers additional design and color options. The PLA plastic stands are equipped with a tea light on the bottom. The LED turns on from the bottom of the stand. Requires two button cell batteries.

3. ThePCModShop LED Lightsaber Stands

United States seller

ThePCModShop specializes in stands and wall mount for lightsabers and some other lightsaber props (i.e. blaster, thermal detonators, etc.). The company’s LED lightsaber stands are made from acrylic plastic and feature RGB color changing. The LED lightsaber stands illuminate the clear acrylic plastic sections beneath the displayed lightsaber hilt. The stands are custom laser engraved with a logo/inscription of the buyer’s choice. The company offers both single stands and multilevel stands for more than one lightsaber hilt. The LED lightsaber stands are powered with a cord that plugs into USB or the wall.

4. Blue Force Sabers Wooden Mini Saber Display with LED

United States seller

Blue Force Sabers makes a low profile, illuminated RGB mini stand. The stand is comprised of custom laser engraved wooden exterior with a painted Imperial-themed PLA plastic base. The light source is situated beneath the base’s in-universe Death Star corridor pattern. The stand is equipped with 13 static colors and multiple lighting and brightness modes. The battery powered stand requires two CR2032 batteries (included).

5. Illumicase+ with LED Lights Mirror Base


Although Illumicase+ is not designed specifically for lightsabers, the case is large enough to accommodate many lightsaber hilts. The case dimensions are 14.2 inches long, 6.9 inches wide, and 7 inches tall. The case is illuminated with an LED bar. You can stack multiple cases together as well. Illumicase+ is powered via a Type C USB cable (included).

6. symplieB custom Savi’s Lightsaber Display Stand with LED Kyber Crystal Holder

United States seller

The symplieB illuminated stand is themed for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge collectors. The custom Savi’s Workshop inspired stand features an LED kyber crystal holder at the base (Note: the kyber crystals are not included). The built-in LEDs match the six main crystal colors (i.e. blue, red, green, yellow, white and purple). The stand has 4 different LED patterns: all on, all fade in/out, sweeping effect, and random crystal pulse. The kyber crystal holder is powered via USB.

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