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The Beyghor Sahdett lightsaber is a single-bladed green lightsaber wielded by a Jedi Master turned agent of the Sith. Beyghor Sahdett is a Clone Wars era/Rise of the Empire era Verpine Jedi Master in Star Wars Legends. Although Sahdett survives the enactment of Order 66, the newly formed Galactic Empire captures him. Sahdett becomes an undercover Jedi hunting agent for the Emperor Palpatine before he is ultimately killed by Darth Vader.

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Beyghor Sahdett lightsaber
Jedi Master Beyghor Sahdett wields a green-bladed lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Dark Horse Comics

Beyghor Sahdett Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

Beyghor Sahdett studies the ways of the Force at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He rises to the rank of Jedi Master and serves as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars.

Although Sahdett manages to survive the enactment of Order 66 by fighting off his own clone troopers, the newly formed Galactic Empire captures and tortures Sahdett. The Jedi Master along with with four other Jedi are brought before Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine provides each Jedi with their lightsaber and commands them to fight each other to the death. When all five lunge toward Palpatine, the Sith Lord slays three of the Jedi in a single lightsaber sweep. Sahdett turns to the other Jedi kills her with his lightsaber. He becomes an agent of Palpatine.

Sahdett serves the Emperor by as a Jedi hunter. Posing as a Jedi survivor, he infiltrates resistance groups helping the scattered survivors of Order 66. He wears his lightsaber on his belt in plain view. During his undercover missions he frequently uses his lightsaber to cut down Imperial stormtroopers and officers in order to keep his cover, further his mission, and build trust with the resistance groups.

When two Jedi in the resistance group, Kai Hudorra and Dass Jennir, sense Sahdett’s true loyalty to the Empire, they lure Sahdett into a trap on the planet Kestavel. Kai Hudorra and Dass Jennir ignite their lightsabers and duel Sahdett. During the fierce duel, Kai Hudorra uses the Force to knock Sahdett against a wall.

When Sahdett regains consciousness, Hudorra and Jennir interrogate Sahdett. The fallen Jedi admits he is Imperial agent. He also says he had contacted Darth Vader and the Sith Lord is on his way to Kestavel. Vader arrives, finding the captured Sahdett. The fallen Jedi tells Vader that Emperor Palpatine recuited him to help end the Jedi. Vader kills Sahdett with his red-bladed lightsaber.

Behind the Scenes

The Beyghor Sahdett lightsaber first appears in the comic book Star Wars Republic #79: Into the Unknown, Part 1 (2005).

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Dark Horse Comics
Image depicts Beyghor Sahdett wielding his green-bladed lightsaber

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