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  1. For Tyeth says:

    Hi SaberSourcing, I might be wrong but you will find that Eeth Koth’s lightsaber made an appearance in The Phantom Menace where it hung on Mace Windu’s belt during the celebration scenes on Naboo. The reason being that Windu and Koth met up on an earlier mission but during a skirmish both were disarmed in an explosion and picked up each other’s saber in the aftermath. They used each other’s hilt through the battle but it wasn’t until months later (and explained in a retcon within Star Wars comics) that they met back up and were able to exchange the hilts back to their rightful owners. This was known as a Concordance of Fealty – a sign of implicit trust between the two Jedi. In reality the reason Samuel L. Jackson had Eeth Koth’s saber in TPM was down to continuity errors which also led to Jackson being photographed with Koth’s hilt for the TPM Visual Encyclopedia book (later reprints had edited pictures with Windu’s iconic black, silver and gold hilt replacing Koth’s)

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