Tu’ala Lightsaber | Lightsaber Profile

The Tu’ala lightsaber is a single-bladed blue lightsaber wielded by Jedi Knight Tu’ala in Star Wars Legends. Tu’ala is a Clone Wars era human female Jedi Knight who serves the Jedi Order and the Republic. A member of Mace Windu’s Jedi strike team to Geonosis, Tu’ala dies protecting Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi from being … Read more

Namman Cha Lightsabers | Lightsaber Profile

Namman Cha Lightsabers

The Namman Cha lightsabers are a pair of two single-bladed red lightsabers wielded by the Dark Jedi Namman Cha. Namman Cha is a human male Dark Jedi who serves the Empire. He aspires to one day become a Sith Lord. Namman Cha Lightsabers in Star Wars Legends A practitioner Jar’Kai, the dual blade lightsaber combat … Read more

Darth Momin Lightsabers | Lightsaber Profile

Darth Momin lightsabers

The Darth Momin lightsabers are a pair of two single-bladed red lightsabers wielded by Darth Momin in Star Wars Canon. Each hilt features an angled handguard extending out of the emitter. Darth Momin is a mask-wearing humanoid Sith Lord with a deep interest in dark side artifacts and knowledge. He exists sometime before the Rise … Read more

Micah Giiett Lightsabers | Lightsaber Profile

The Micah Giiett lightsabers are a pair of two yellow-bladed lightsabers wielded by Micah Giiett. Micah Giiett is a Rise of the Empire era human male Jedi Master and Jedi Council member. He selects and trains Bultar Swan as his Padawan. During the Yinchorr Uprising, Giiett sacrifices himself so that other Jedi may escape. Micah … Read more

Tenth Brother Lightsabers (Shoto Lightsabers) | Lightsaber Profile

Tenth Brother lightsabers

The Tenth Brother lightsabers are a pair of two red shoto lightsabers wielded by the Tenth Brother in Star Wars Canon. Each lightsaber features a crescent-shaped handguard. The Tenth Brother is a Rise of the Empire era human male Inquisitor. Formerly known as Jedi Master Prosset Dibs, the Tenth Brother serves the Empire as a … Read more

An’ya Kuro Lightsaber (Jedi Spy) | Lightsaber Profile

The An’ya Kuro lightsaber is a single-bladed purple lightsaber constructed and wielded by Jedi Master An’ya Kuro in Star Wars Legends. The lightsaber hilt is ornately decorated with vine-like flourishes. The mysterious An’ya Kuro, also known as the Dark Woman, is a Clone Wars era Jedi Master who goes into hiding during the Great Jedi … Read more

Darth Reave Lightsabers | Lightsaber Profile

Darth Reave lightsaber

The Darth Reave lightsabers are a set of two single-hilt red lightsabers wielded by the Sith Lord Darth Reave in Star Wars Legends. Darth Reave is a Legacy era male Devaronian Sith Lord who serves Darth Krayt’s One Sith Order. The lightsaber hilts feature a craggy, organic, yorik coral-like design. RELATED LIGHTSABER SELLERS affiliate linksIf … Read more