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The Darth Reave lightsabers are a set of two single-hilt red lightsabers wielded by the Sith Lord Darth Reave in Star Wars Legends. Darth Reave is a Legacy era male Devaronian Sith Lord who serves Darth Krayt’s One Sith Order. The lightsaber hilts feature a craggy, organic, yorik coral-like design.

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Darth Reave lightsaberDarth Reave lightsaber
Darth Reave and the Darth Reave lightsabers | IMAGE CREDIT Dark Horse Comics/Lucasfilm/Disney

Darth Reave Lightsabers in Star Wars Legends

Darth Reave wields two single-hilt red lightsabers. Like the lightsaber hilts of many Sith in the One Sith Empire, the Darth Reave lightsaber hilts feature a craggy, yorik coral-like material. Darth Reave is a skilled practitioner of Jar’Kai, a fighting technique utilizing dual blades. He is an extremely dedicated and loyal servant of Emperor Krayt.

During the Second Imperial Civil War, Darth Reave is stationed at a Sith outpost on the Deep Core planet Had Abaddon. He commands a garrison of stormtroopers.

In 137 ABY, Cade Skywalker, Jedi Padawan Celeste Morne, and Imperial Knight Azlyn Rae ambush the Sith Lord. Reave duels Cade Skywalker while the stormtroopers fight against the other two intruders. Morne uses ancient Sith magic to transform the stormtroopers into rakghoul, Sith-spawned mutants that obey her commands. Reave is surprised to see a Jedi Padawan conjuring Sith magic.

The rakghoul attack Reave and the Sith Lord frantically fights the creatures off slaying several with his lightsabers and repelling others by using the Force. Reave is eventually overrun and gets bitten by one of the creatures. He escapes the skirmish by throwing himself out of a window. He journeys to Emperor Krayt to warn the leader of Cade Skywalker’s attack.

After informing Darth Krayt of Cade Skywalker’s attack, Darth Reave becomes sickened by his infected rakghoul bite. Reave transforms into a rakghoul mutant and lunges at Darth Krayt. Darth Stryfe intercepts the attack, using his lightsaber to strike down the creature.

Behind the Scenes

The Darth Reave lightsabers first appear in the comic book Star Wars: Legacy 29: Vector, Part 10 (2008).

Dark Horse Comics/Lucasfilm/Disney
Image depicts Darth Reave and the Darth Reave lightsabers

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