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TXQsaber X-Lotus Lightsaber

The TXQsaber X-Lotus Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, an original design, features a slanted emitter shroud and pommel shroud. The company offers the lightsaber as a budget in-hilt LED RGB sound saber or pixel saber (budget or standard). TXQsaber released the X-Lotus lightsaber in late June 2021. Buy X-Lotus Lightsaber from CCSabers (Etsy) … Read more

Why IDENTICAL Custom Lightsabers are Called Different Names

If you’ve ever noticed two seemingly identical custom sabers marketed as two different names, then you may have spotted an OEM lightsaber. An OEM lightsaber is a custom saber manufactured by one company and marketed, branded and sold by another company or reseller. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Some major manufacturers of OEM lightsabers … Read more