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The Tremel lightsaber is a single-bladed Sith lightsaber wielded by Sith Overseer Tremel. Tremel is an Old Republic era human male Sith Overseer at the Sith Academy on Korriban. He implements a highly selective and rigorous training process, designed so that only the strongest candidates survive initiation.

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Tremel lightsaber
Tremel lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/BioWare/EA

Tremel Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Tremel lightsaber is comprised of a cylindrical metal hilt with a slanted emitter. A bar extends down the side of the hilt and a black wrap encircles the body of the hilt.

Between the time of the Great Galactic War and the Cold War, Tremel oversees the arrival, reception, and initiation of prospective Sith acolytes at the Sith Academy on Korriban. He implements a selective and brutal training process designed so that only the strongest students may survive.

When a promising acolyte arrives at the academy, Tremel is already supervising the training of the Sith acolytes Vemrin and Tremel’s daughter, Eskella Gryton. Since Tremel considers Vemrin an “unpure” Sith due to Vemrin’s origins and family lineage, Tremel challenges the ambitious new acolyte to become a rival of Vemrin.

Behind the Scenes

The Tremel lightsaber first appears in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011). Other Sith characters in the game use lightsabers with the same hilt design. The lightsaber blade color is unknown.

Image depicts Tremel and the Tremel lightsaber

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