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The Sayar Dun’La lightsaber is a single-bladed green lightsaber wielded by Jedi Master Sayar Dun’La. Sayar Dun’La is a Legacy era Bothan Jedi Master in Star Wars Legends. He serves the New Jedi Order as Jedi healer until his death in 138 ABY.

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Jedi Master Sayar Dun’la, a Jedi healer in the New Jedi Order, wields a green-bladed lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Dark Horse Comics

Sayar Dun’la Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

During the Second Imperial War in 137 ABY, Jedi Master Sayar Dun’La serves the New Jedi Order as a Jedi healer. He is stationed on the Hidden Temple, a secret Jedi Temple on the planet Taivas. The Jedi Council dispatches Dun’La, along with fellow Jedi Asaak Dan, Drok, and Te Corso, on a mission to discuss a possible alliance with the Alliance and Empire-in-exile against the One Sith Empire.

As the Jedi task force meets with the Alliance, the Sith Empire attacks the Alliance Fleet. In the meantime, an Alliance member attempts to assassinate Admiral Gar Stazi, the commander of the Alliance. The Alliance Fleet manages to enter hyperspace and evade the attack. The Jedi Drok quickly disarms Stazi’s would-be assassin, but Stazi is severely wounded. Dun’La, using the Force and his Jedi healing abilities, quickly works to stabilize Stazi’s condition. Dun’La ultimately helps save Stazi’s life and the Jedi form a tentative pact with the Alliance in the fight against the One Sith Empire.

In 138 ABY, Darth Krayt’s One Sith Empire learns the location of the Hidden Temple and attacks the secret Jedi Temple on Taivas. The Alliance and Empire-in-exile help the Jedi defend Taivas. Jedi Master Sayar Dun’La is among those battling Sith Imperial ground forces. Sith troopers strike down the lightsaber-wielding Sayar Dun’La in the battle. Despite Sith domination of the battle, the surviving Jedi and their allies manage to carve a path through the Sith Imperial Fleet and escape.

Behind the Scenes

The Sayar Dun’La lightsaber is depicted on the cover of the comic book Star Wars Legacy 25: The Hidden Temple, Part 2 (2008). Another Bothan Jedi named Kai Hudorra wields a green-blade lightsaber as well. Hudorra is a Clone Wars era Jedi Master who is ultimately killed by Darth Vader.

Image depicts Sayar Dun’la wielding his green-bladed lightsaber

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