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The Greelwood Saber is a single-bladed, wooden-hilt lightsaber constructed by Jedi Master Oorrl Morn. Oorrl Morn is a male Ithorian Jedi Master that serves the Jedi Order. After Morn’s death, the lightsaber is stored in a vault in the Chamber of Antiquities.

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Greel-wood is a rare wood that originates from forests on the planet Lothal | Stock photo of a forest

Greelwood Saber Construction and History

Jedi Master Oorrl Morn serves the Jedi Order on the planet Ossus. The Jedi constructs the Greelwood Saber during his tenure there. He selects lacquered pieces of Greel-wood to create the hilt. Greel-wood, a rare type of wood, originates from the Far Hiradne forests on the planet Lothal. He utilizes a Ossus-mined pontite crystal as the kyber crystal. Morn intends the lightsaber to symbolize Jedi Order philosophy of emphasizing defense rather than attack. The The lightsaber blade color is unknown.

Oorrl Morn wields the lightsaber against pirates on the planet Ithor. In the battle the Jedi Master sacrifices himself in order to buy the Republic Navy enough time to effectively fight the pirates. Following his death, the Greelwood Saber is stored along with other artifacts in the Chamber of Antiquities. The Chamber is situated in the sublevels of the Great Jedi Library on Ossus.

Behind the Scenes

The Greelwood Saber is first mentioned in the roleplaying book Star Wars Force and Destiny: Nexus of Power (2016). No images of the lightsaber currently exist.

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