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The Darsha Assant lightsaber is a single-bladed yellow lightsaber wielded by Jedi Padawan Darsha Assant in Star Wars Legends. Darsha Assant is a Rise of the Empire era female human Jedi Padawan. She is the apprentice of Jedi Master Anoon Bondara in 32 BBY just before the Battle of Naboo.

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Darsha Assant (left) and Darsha Assant engaging in a lightsaber duel with Darth Maul (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Lucas Books

Darsha Assant Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

Darsha Assant studies the ways of the Force at the Jedi Temple. Jedi Master Anoon Bondara selects her as an apprentice. She constructs a yellow-bladed lightsaber while under his tutelage. She defeats fellow Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi during a lightsaber training bout.

Jedi Council member Mace Windu tasks Darsha Assant with her first solo mission: recovering an informant named Oolth from the Coruscant underworld. Upon successful completion of the mission, the Jedi Council would promote her to the rank of Jedi Knight. During the rescue attempt, Raptor criminals attack Assant and Ooth. She fights off the attackers with her lightsaber.

In order to escape, Assant fires her ascension gun and the grappling hook catches on a building. Ooth holds onto Assant during the ascent, but the pair disrupts a nest of territorial hawk-bats. As the creatious viciously attack Ooth and Assant, Ooth lets go of her to fight off the creatures. He falls seemingly to his death. She returns to the Jedi Temple and reports her failure to her master.

Master Anoon Bondara accompanies Assant to investigate the last known location of Ooth. They find a blood spot on the pavement, but no body. The Jedi Master and his apprentice spot Darth Maul pursuing Lorn Pavan and his droid I5. They intervene with the chase, and Bondara engages in a lightsaber duel with Maul. Bondara commands Assant to safeguard Lorn Pavan and I5 and return to the Jedi Temple. Bondara causes a deadly explosion that kills the Jedi Master and stuns Maul. Assant, Pavan, and I5 flee.


Darth Maul eventually ambushes the group at a warehouse. Darsha Assant and Darth Maul engage in a fierce lightsaber duel. When she realizes she cannot defeat Maul, Assant orchestrates an explosion that she hoped will kill both of them. The nearby Lorn Pavan and I5 survive by freezing themselves in carbonite. Maul narrowly escapes with his life.

Behind the Scenes

The Darsha Assant lightsaber is first described in the novel Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter (2001). The lightsaber is first depicted in the book Star Wars: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook (August 2002) and later in the reference book Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion (October 2002).

IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Lucas Books
Image depicts Darsha Assant and the Darsha Assant lightsaber

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