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The Kreel lightsaber is a single-bladed green lightsaber wielded by the Imperial stormtrooper Kreel in Star Wars Canon. Kreel’s use of the ‘stormtrooper lightsaber‘ provides a rare example of a non-Force user wielding a lightsaber. Kreel serves the Empire during the Galactic Civil War.

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Kreel and the Kreel lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Marvel/Disney

Kreel Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

The Kreel lightsaber originally belongs a Jedi. The original lightsaber owner dies with the lightsaber in their hand. Grakkus the Hutt comes into possession of the lightsaber and adds the weapon to his Jedi artifacts collection.

Kreel serves the Empire as an undercover 501st Legion stormtrooper and SCAR trooper. On an undercover mission, Kreel poses as a gamemaster and takes the lightsaber from Grakkus’ collection. While posing as the gamemaster, Kreel wields the lightsaber while training Luke Skywalker for Grakkus’ arena games. After being promoted to sergeant, Kreel uses the lightsaber against Rebel forces in in the Skirmish of the Ghost Moon.

Kreel encounters and duels Luke Skywalker during the Siege on Tureen VII again on the planet Crait. The lightsaber is seemly destroyed, but Kreel manages to salvage and repair the weapon. Kreel and Skywalker engage in lightsaber combat yet again on the moon Hubin.

Behind the Scenes

The Kreel lightsaber first appears in Star Wars Canon in the comic book issue Star Wars 10 (2015). The first ever ‘stormtrooper lightsaber’ appears in Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the movie Star Wars (1977).

Image depicts Kreel and the Kreel lightsaber

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