What is a stormtrooper lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A ‘stormtrooper lightsaber’ is an informal designation for any lightsaber wielded by a stormtrooper. A stormtrooper is first shown wielding a lightsaber in Star Wars Canon in 2015.

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Imperial Sergeant Kreel, an undercover stormtrooper and SCAR trooper, wields a green-bladed lightsaber during the Galactic Civil War in the Star Wars comic book series (2015). Serving under the direct command of Darth Vader, Kreel duels with Luke Skywalker multiple times. Additionally Finn, a former stormtrooper, is briefly shown wielding a lightsaber in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015).

Imperial Sergeant Kreel wields a green-bladed lightsaber in the Star Wars comic book series | IMAGE CREDIT Marvel

In Star Wars Legends, the Cuis clone stormtroopers wield distinctive red-bladed lightsabers, featuring an uncommon white hilt design that matches the white stormtrooper armor. Cuis clones are a group six experimental, Force-sensitive clone stormtroopers. The short story “Two-Edged Sword” depicts Darth Vader training the Force-sensitive Cuis clone stormtroopers in lightsaber combat.

Behind the Scenes

Early Ralph McQuarrie concept art for Star Wars (1977) depicts stormtroopers wielding lightsabers with white blades. George Lucas later chose to make the lightsaber a more exclusive weapon, wielded only by Force-users.

Artist Chris Trevas created a physical stormtrooper lightsaber prop for the “Two-Edged Sword” short story. He incorporated the design of the stormtrooper lightsaber prop into his artwork for story. The story, written by Karen Traviss with artwork by Chris Trevas, was published in Star Wars Insider #85 (2005) and later reprinted in the paperback edition of Legacy of the Force: Betrayal.

Stormtrooper Lightsaber prop by artist Chris Trevas | IMAGE CREDIT Chris Trevas


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