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The Yun lightsaber is a single-bladed lightsaber constructed by the Dark Jedi Yun in Star Wars Legends. Yun is a Rebellion era Dark Jedi and member of the Seven Dark Jedi, a group founded and led by the Dark Jedi Jerec. The Yun lightsaber, which is equipped with a yellow kyber crystal, is initially depicted emitting a yellow blade, and later shown emitting an orange blade.

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The Yun lightsaber, as shown in the the video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (1997) | IMAGE CREDIT LucasArts/Disney

Yun Lightsaber Blade Color

Although the Yun lightsaber is initially depicted and described emitting a yellow blade, the lightsaber is shown emitting an orange blade in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith (1998).

Yun Lightsaber Construction and History

Yun, a young Dark Jedi and member of the Seven Dark Jedi, constructs and wields the Yun lightsaber. The cylindrical lightsaber hilt is primarily metallic silver in color with some black accents. The lightsaber’s tapered neck and parabolic-shaped emitter are some of the defining features of the hilt design.

Qu Rahn
Jedi Master Qu Rahn briefly uses the Force to steal the lightsaber from Yun’s belt, wielding the weapon against members of the Seven Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi Jerec ultimate kills Rahn. Following the encounter, Yun recovers the lightsaber.

Yun uses the lightsaber in a duel with Kyle Katarn. Katarn defeats Yun, deciding to spare the Dark Jedi’s life and allow Yun to escape. Later, as the Dark Jedi Sarriss attempts to kill an unarmed and nearly unconscious Katarn, Yun block’s Sarriss’s lightsaber from striking Katarn. Sarriss strikes down Yun instead. A dying Yun explains his unexpected behavior saying, “He is a Jedi. He deserves a battle.”

Kyle Katarn
Kyle Katarn takes possession the Yun lightsaber, dueling and killing several members of the Seven Dark Jedi, including the Dark Jedi Jerec himself. Katarn takes on the Yun lightsaber as his second lightsaber. The Dark Jedi Boc Aseca had previously destroyed Katarn’s first lightsaber, the green-bladed Qu Rahn lightsaber. Katarn continues to wield the Yun lightsaber until he joins Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 and constructs his own own blue-bladed lightsaber.

Behind the Scenes

The Yun lightsaber first appears in Star Wars Legends in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (1997).

Yun Lightsaber in Real Life

No officially licensed Yun lightsaber toys or prop replicas exist. Force Relics (2016) and Orbital Machining have each manufactured an unlicensed, custom saber inspired by the design of the Yun lightsaber. Aegis Sabers made a more budget friendly Yun saber in late 2021.

Image depicts the Yun lightsaber in the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II video game

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