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Korbanth has unveiled the SK2-Rogue Master lightsaber hilt. The custom saber is inspired by the Starkiller lightsaber in the 2010 video game The Force Unleashed II (TFU2). The lightsaber, which includes a blade plug, will be sold as an empty hilt or as an installed neopixel saber. Korbanth is targeting a late May 2020 release date for SK2-Rogue Master.

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Korbanth SK2-Rogue Master Lightsaber Hilt prototype (subject to change) | IMAGE CREDIT Korbanth

The installed version of SK2-Rogue Master would be configured as a neopixel saber (Proffieboard or CFX versions). Additionally, Jesse Kirkbride of Kyberphonic Fonts will develop an exclusive sountfont pack for the installed lightsaber.

The prototype SK2-Rogue Master hilt, which is subject to design changes, is primarily metallic silver in color, including a bright metallic color and a darker metallic color. The design features a slanted emitter (s-curve shaped), a red greeblie near the emitter section, and an activation box on the side. A leather or cloth wrap in the lower grip section of the hilt is available as an optional upgrade. A blade plug is included. SK2-Rogue Master is designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade.

Korbanth previously offered a different Starkiller custom saber design named SK Rogue Apprentice in 2019.

Korbanth, a United States based custom saber company, specializes in limited runs character inspired lightsaber hilts. The company releases empty hilts and offers a more limited selection of installed lightsabers as well.

Korbanth website

Image depicts the Korbanth SK2-Rogue Master Lightsaber Hilt

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