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Illuminated Saber, a United States based custom saber company, offers a small selection of original hilt designs. Although the designs are not character inspired outright, the hilts bear some resemblance to character hilts and embody some of the most iconic lightsaber features (e.g. thin neck, slanted emitter, etc.). Illuminated Saber offers mostly DIY empty hilts along with a few installed sound sabers. The company accepts commissions as well.

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Illuminated Saber The StarWalker lightsaber hilt (left) and R1 lightsaber hilt (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Illuminated Saber

Many of the Illuminated Saber hilts, which are machined from aluminum, draw strong design cues from Original Trilogy hilts. All of the hilts have a slimmed down, ergonomic sensibility to them, including a slimmed down activation box area. The hilts are designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade.

Illuminated Saber currently offers six hilt designs:
Electrum Battalion Issue (a clan saber like design)
R1 (thin neck)
R1/V2 (thin neck)
The Rebel (Graflex inspired)
The StarWalker (Graflex inspired)
Threshold (Graflex inspired; similar to the Anakin AOTC saber)

Illuminated Saber Etsy Store affiliate link

Illuminated Saber Design & Concepts (I.S.D.C.) is a custom saber company based in Minnesota (United States).

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Illuminated Saber
Image depicts two Illuminate Saber custom saber hilts

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