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The Joruus C’baoth lightsaber is a single-bladed lightsaber in the possession of the insane Dark Jedi Joruus C’baoth. Joruus C’baoth is a New Republic era human male Dark Jedi in Star Wars Legends. Created by Emperor Palpatine, Joruus C’baoth is a clone of Jedi Master Jorus C’baoth. Joruus C’baoth takes on Luuke Skywalker, a clone of Luke Skywalker, as his apprentice. Mara Jade ultimately stabs C’baoth with a lightsaber, killing the mad clone.

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Joruus C'Baoth lightsaber
The Dark Jedi Joruus C’baoth is shown wearing a lightsaber in the Topps Star Wars Finest trading card series (left and middle) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Topps

Joruus C’baoth Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

Little is known about the Joruus C’baoth lightsaber. The Dark Jedi is not known to commonly wield a lightsaber. An extremely strong and arrogant Dark Jedi, C’baoth is proficient in many potent Force powers including Force lightning. The Dark Jedi’s preferred power is his ability to control and manipulate others for his personal gain.

Prior to the Clone Wars, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine obtains a tissue sample of Jedi Master Jorus C’baoth. The Jedi Master dies aboard the vessel Outbound Flight in 27 BBY. During the Clone Wars, Palpatine clones C’baoth using an accelerated growth method. The clone, named Joruus C’baoth, is mentally unstable.

A few years after Palpatine’s death, C’baoth ventures to the planet Wayland. A Guardian rules over the planet and its people. The Guardian is tasked with protecting Palpatine’s cache of valuable art and advanced cloning and cloaking technology in Mount Tantiss. C’baoth duels and defeats the Guardian, taking his place as ruler.

In 9 ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn tracks down Palpatine’s storehouse, intending to use both the cloaking technology and cloning technology in battle against the New Republic. Thrawn forms an uneasy alliance with C’baoth, whom Thrawn does not perceive as a threat due to Dark Jedi’s madness. The grand admiral promises to deliver C’baoth the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker along with his Force-sensitive sister Leia Organa and her Force-sensitive unborn children. The mad Dark Jedi could mold and train him as he saw fit. In turn, C’baoth would bolster Thrawn’s power and efficiency in battle.

Meeting Skywalker on Jomark

During the battles, C’baoth ventures to Jomark. He dominates and rules the people there, taking up residence in the High Castle. In order to lure Luke Skywalker to the planet, the Imperials begin spreading rumors of a Jedi on Jomark. Luke Skywalker journeys to the planet and meets Joruus C’baoth. The mad clone introduces himself a Jedi Master and begins training Skywalker. Skywalker quickly realizes C’baoth is an insane practitioner of dark side Force abilities.

After unsuccessfully attempting to turn C’baoth back to the light side, Skywalker leaves to help the smuggler Mara Jade rescue her boss Talon Kardde. Furious, C’baoth leaves the planet. He becomes impatient at Thrawn’s failure to deliver “his Jedi”, and the Dark Jedi secretly arranges for the creation of a clone.

Final Stand on Wayland

Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade confront C’baoth on Wayland. C’baoth reveals his new secret weapon: a clone named Luuke Skywalker, made using genetic material from Luke Skywalker’s severed hand. Luuke Skywalker is armed with Luke’s first lightsaber.

Luuke Skywalker engages Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade in a lightsaber duel. Jade eventually kills the clone. C’baoth becomes overcome with rage and she charges toward him. While Leia guides her and Luke creates a distraction, Mara Jade stabs Joruus C’baoth in the chest. He dies, forming a dark side burst of energy.

Behind the Scenes

The Joruus C’baoth lightsaber is first pictured in Joruus C’baoth artwork for the Topps trading card Star Wars Finest #22 (1996). In the artwork, C’baoth is shown wearing a metallic silver lightsaber on his belt. The lightsaber blade color is unknown.

Author Timothy Zahn originally envisioned creating a deranged clone of Obi-Wan Kenobi tracing back to the Clone Wars. When Lucasfilm declined to approve the concept, Zahn instead created the character Joruus C’baoth, a clone of Jedi Master Jorus C’baoth.

Image depicts Joruus C’baoth and the Joruus C’baoth lightsaber in the Topps trading card series Star Wars Finest (left and middle)

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