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The Jak’zin lightsaber is a single-bladed blue lightsaber wielded by Jedi Knight Jak’zin. Jak’zin is a Rise of the Empire era Togorian male Jedi Knight. After experiencing a chance encounter with Count Dooku, Jak’zin discovers that the former Jedi Master has become a Sith Lord. When his cover is blown, Count Dooku shoots Jak’zin in the back and kills the Jedi Knight.

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Jak'zin lightsaber
Jedi Knight Jak’zin wields a blue-bladed lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney/Marvel Comics

Jak’zin Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

Jak’zin learns the ways of the Force under the guidance of the Jedi Order. As a Jedi youngling, Jak’zin witnesses and admires lightsaber dueling demonstrations between Yoda and Jedi Master Count Dooku. By the time Jak’zin ascends to the rank of Jedi Knight, Count Dooku has become disillusioned with the Jedi Order and leaves, ostensibly to serve as Count of Serenno.

Sometime before 22 BBY, Jak’zin goes on a mission to the planet Sullust to investigate the Kaldana Syndicate. The Jedi Knight crosses paths with Dooku on the planet. When Dooku asks Jak’zin why he is on the planet, the Jedi Knight eventually reveals his mission to the former Jedi Master. Dooku offers to help.

When Jak’zin and Dooku find the Kaldana Syndicate, members of the group open fire. Jak’zin uses his lightsaber to cut through the door. While deflecting blaster bolts from members of the syndicate, he finds crates of weapons at the facility. The Jedi Knight deduces that the Kaldana Syndicate is involved in arms dealing. Dooku ignites his lightsaber. Jak’zin is surprised to see that Dooku’s lightsaber emits a red blade, a blade color of the Sith. The two eliminate attackers together.

When Jak’zin and Dooku are the last two standing, the Jedi Knight asks Dooku where he got his red-bladed lightsaber. Dooku replies that he made the lightsaber. The former Jedi Master then uses the Force to fire a blaster bolt into Jak’zin’s back, killing him.

Behind the Scenes

The Jak’zin lightsaber first appears in the comic book Star Wars Age of the Republic – Count Dooku 1 (2019).

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney/Marvel Comics
Image depicts Jedi Knight Jak’zin wielding his blue-bladed lightsaber

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