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First Blade is an ancestor to lightsaber. The weapon is designed by the Weapon Master, an ancient Je’daii Master who served the Je’daii order in Star Wars Legends. The First Blade is considered the first Jedi weapon. A droid guarding the weapon say of the weapon, “From this beginning, lightsabers came.”

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The First Blade paves the way for early lightsabers | IMAGE CREDIT LucasArts/BioWare

First Blade in Star Wars Legends

The First Blade is hidden on Tython following the death of its creator, the Weapon Master. The weapon is protected by guard droids. Rajivari, one of the founding members of the Jedi High Council, searches for the First Blade during the Force Wars. He locates the hilt and is deemed worthy to take the weapon. He engraves the hilt with information about the Fount of Rajivari, the first version of the Jedi Archives. Upon completing the engraving, he returns the hilt where he found it.

During the Cold War, the male Jedi Padawan finds the First Blade on Tython. The Padawan, who would one day become known as the third Barsen’thor (Warden of the Order), completes the hilt with a lightsaber crystal. He brings the lightsaber to his master, Jedi Master Yuan Par. Par, a respected scholar and archaeologist, studies the hilt engraving and figures out the location of the Fount of Rajivari.

Behind the Scenes

The First Blade first appears in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011). The First Blade is part of a class-quest for a Jedi Consular. It’s unknown how the First Blade relates to other early, lightsaber-like weapons like the protosaber or Forcesaber.

Image depicts the First Blade

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