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The Ashla lightsaber is a Jedi youngling lightsaber utilized by the Jedi youngling Ashla in Star Wars Canon. The single-bladed training lightsaber, or youngling lightsaber, emits a blue blade. Ashla is female Togruta Jedi youngling affiliated with the Jedi Order during the final years of the Galactic Republic.

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Ashla lightsaber (Youngling lightsaber) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Ashla Lightsaber Construction and History

As a training lightsaber, the Ashla lightsaber is smaller and shorter than most full sized lightsabers. The lightsaber emits a blue blade. The lightsaber blade is limited in power in order facilitate safer lightsaber training practice.

The Jedi youngling Ashla is a member of the Bear Clan, a Jedi Initiate Clan in the Jedi Order. Jedi younglings range in age from 4 to 8 years old. She trains during the final years of the Galactic Republic. The Bear Clan trains in the ways of the Force under the guidance of Jedi Master Yoda.

Yoda oversees the lightsaber combat training of the Bear Clan. During one training session, Ashla, along with the other students, covers her eyes with a Jedi training helmet and wields a training lightsaber against a series of non-lethal blaster bolts fired from a training remote. The exercise trains younglings to use Force in order to properly and effectively deflect blaster bolts with a lightsaber.

Behind the scenes

The Ashla lightsaber first appears in the movie Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002). The actual Ashla lightsaber prop in the movie is the lightsaber toy in the Hasbro Jedi Gear set (1999). The hilt resembles the Qui-Gon Jinn lightsaber, but is smaller in size. Following fan speculation, Lucasfilm announced that Ashla and Ahsoka Tano are not the same character.

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Hasbro Jedi Gear set (1999)

Hasbro released a 3.75 inch scale Ashla action figure as part of a figure two-pack in 2003. The figure is #16 in the Star Wars Saga collection and comes equipped with a blue-bladed lightsaber and a Jedi training helmet. The other figure included in the pack the is the Jedi youngling Jempa.

Image depicts the Ashla lightsaber

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