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The Fifth Brother lightsaber is a double-bladed spinning lightsaber wielded by the Inquisitor called the Fifth Brother in Star Wars Canon. The Fifth Brother is a Rise of the Empire era humanoid male. A fallen Jedi, Fifth Brother serves the Empire as a Jedi hunting Inquisitor. The red-bladed Fifth Brother lightsaber is similar in design to other Inquisitor lightsabers. The former Sith Lord Maul ultimately kills Fifth Brother in a lightsaber duel.

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The Fifth Brother lightsaber in Star Wars Rebels (left) and Fifth Brother lightsaber artwork by Alexandr Elichev for the Star Wars Destiny card game (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Fifth Brother Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

Like many Inquisitors, the Fifth Brother is equipped with a versatile double-bladed spinning lightsaber. Fifth Brother may wield the weapon single-bladed (crescent mode) or double-bladed (disc mode). In disc mode, the lightsaber is capable of spinning around the central handle. The spinning motion may be used in combat or to lift the wielder up into the air. When the lightsaber is not in use, Fifth Brother wears the lightsaber hilt on his back.

The individual who would become known as the Fifth Brother originally serves the Jedi Order during the waning years of the Republic. He survives the Clone Wars and the enactment of Order 66. Sometime after the fall of the Republic, he joins Inquisitorious, an organization of Force-sensitive assassins tasked with hunting down. He takes on the Inquisitor name Fifth Brother and trains under The Grand Inquisitor and later Darth Vader. Fifth Brother loses his right hand during a training session with Vader.

Fifth Brother and fellow Inquisitor Seventh Sister and independently locate Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren. Although the Inquisitors briefly capture the two Rebels, Bridger and Wren ultimately escape.

Later, Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister collaborate to abduct Force-sensitive infants to recruit to the dark side or to eliminate. The actions of the Inquisitors attract the attention of Ahsoka Tano and the crew of the Ghost. The two Inquisitors have a skirmish with the rebels. While her colleagues flee with a Force-senstive infant, Ahsoka Tano engages in a lightsaber duel with the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister. Tano, armed with two lightsaber, fends offs and defeats both inquisitors before escaping with her comrades and the Force-sensitive infant.

For several months, Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister pursue the Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger. The Inquisitors find and duel the Jedi on the planet Oosalon. Jarrus and Bridger ultimately escape.

Malachor Duel and Death

Darth Vader orders Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister to journey to Malachor and take a Sith holocron from a Sith temple there. The two inquisitors rescue the Eighth Brother from the custody of Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano. When Ezra Bridger and his new ally Maul arrive, the three Inquisitors retreat and regroup.

While Seventh Sister pursues Bridger and Maul, the Fifth Brother and Eighth Brother ambush Tano and Jarrus. In the middle of the lightsaber duel, Maul and Tano join the battle. During the skirmish Tano manages to damage Fifth Brother’s lightsaber, causing him to drop the weapon. Maul strikes him down, killing Fifth Brother.

Behind the Scenes

The Fifth Brother lightsaber first appears in the Star Wars Rebels animated series episode “Relics of the Old Republic” (2015) Season 2, Episode 2. The Star Wars Destiny card game has a Fifth Brother lightsaber card, featuring artwork by artwork by Alexandr Elichev.

Image depicts the Fifth Brother lightsaber in Star Wars Rebels (left) and Fifth Brother lightsaber artwork by Alexandr Elichev for the Star Wars Destiny card game (right)

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