What is an Inquisitor lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

An Inquisitor lightsaber is a specialized double-bladed spinning lightsaber used by Inquisitorius, a group of Jedi-hunting dark side adepts that serve the Empire. The Grand Inquisitor, along with other members of Inquisitorius, are the only known users of the double-bladed spinning lightsaber. A wielder could activate an Inquisitor lightsaber as a single-bladed lightsaber (called crescent mode) or double-bladed (called disc mode).

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The Inquisitor lightsaber hilt is about the same length as a standard single-blade hilt and features a large circular handguard that extends around the hilt. How the Inquisitor lightsaber works is the lightsaber blade emitters spin along tracks in the circular handguard while the hilt remains still.

When the hilt is configured in disc mode, the wielder may extend the propeller-like blades above their head and use the spinning lightsaber to fly. Some Star Wars fans joking refer to Inquisitor lightsabers as ‘lightsaber helicopters’ due to their capability of flying.

An Inquisitor uses a double-bladed spinning lightsaber to fly in Star Wars Rebels: Season 2, Episode 2. IMAGE CREDIT | Disney

The Grand Inquisitor brandishes a double-bladed spinning lightsaber in Star Wars: Rebels | IMAGE CREDIT Disney


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