Red Five Customs: Lightsaber Stand and Prop Display Seller | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Red Five Customs (affiliate link) is a United States based Etsy store that specializes in custom acrylic lightsaber stands. The store currently offers over 50 stand designs. The stands features a base and arms or prongs to hold the hilt.

Red Five Customs (Etsy) affiliate link

Most of the stands from Red Five Customs are comprised of laser cut and laser engraved acrylic pieces, emblazoned with familiar Star Wars inspired logos or emblems on the base of the stand. In 2019, Red Five Customs added custom Savi’s Workshop inspired stands featuring an emblem for: Power and Control, Protection and Defense, Peace and Justice, or Elemental Nature.

Red Five Custom “Custom ESB Carbon Freeze Two Tier Lightsaber Display Stand” | IMAGE CREDIT Red Five Customs

Red Five Customs makes specialty saber stands as well, including several stands with an engraved wood base as well as a custom blaster display stand. One of the most elaborate stands in the store is a two-tier lightsaber stand with carbon freezer inspired design. The company also makes a custom laser-cut Jedi holocron.

Red Five Customs is also open to discussing custom laser cutting and engraving projects as well.

Red Five Customs (Etsy) affiliate link

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