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The Kanan Jarrus lightsaber is a blue-bladed, two-piece lightsaber featuring an emitter shroud with a tsuba (handguard). The single-blade lightsaber includes an adjustable blade length and a low-power setting to facilitate safer sparring. Kanan Jarrus is a Jedi Knight, survivor of Order 66 during the Clone Wars, and member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the reign of the Galactic Empire.

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Jedi Kanan Jarrus (left) and a closeup on the Kanan Jarrus lightsaber (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Lightsaber Combat Style

Jarrus is extremely skilled in Form III of lightsaber combat, a defensive style that favors close-quarter fighting. Jarrus also uses Form V to effectively deflect blaster bolts. Occasionally, the Jarrus uses a reverse grip or the two lightsaber method, Jar’Kai.

Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber Construction and History

Kanan Jarrus constructs the lightsaber during his early life as Jedi Padawan during the final years of the Republic. Jarrus, known as Caleb Dume at the time, is apprenticed to Depa Billiba, a Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council. During the execution of Order 66, Darth Sidious’ secret order to kill all of the Jedi, Billiba defensively ignites her lightsaber and tells Dume to run from the impending danger. Outnumbered, Billiba fights off as many clone troopers as before getting shot in the back and killed. Her sacrifice provides Dume enough to time escape a similar fate.

During the reign of the Empire, Jarrus goes into hiding using a blaster for many years instead of a lightsaber. Although Jarrus forgoes the Jedi ways and stops using the lightsaber for years, Jarrus carries the lightsaber with him everywhere he goes, often hiding the lightsaber in a ship compartment. He refrains from wearing his assembled lightsaber hilt on his belt in an effort to avoid attracting unwanted attention and to help keep his Jedi identity secret. Later returning to the Jedi ways, Jarrus disassembles the hilt into two pieces, wearing the main body on his lower back and the emitter shroud near his left hip.

Kanan Jarrus trains Ezra Bridger as a Jedi Apprentice and trains the Mandalorian Sabine Wren in lightsaber combat. Through the years, Kanan Jarrus wields the lightsaber against many opponents including The Grand Inquisitor, several additional members of Inquisitorious, Maul, and Darth Vader himself. Although Kanan Jarrus loses his eyesight during an encounter with Maul, the Jedi remains highly skilled lightsaber combat throughout his life.

During a mission to rescue General Hera Syndulla from Grand Admiral Thrawn, Jarrus uses the Force to keep the flames of an explosion at bay long enough to enable Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, and Hera Syndulla to escape. The blast ultimately consumes him and kills him. Imperial Governor Arihnda Pryce retrieves the Kanan Jarrus lightsaber, presenting the weapon to Grand Admiral Thrawn as proof of Jarrus’ death. Like his former Master Depa Billiba, Jarrus ultimately dies sacrificing himself for others.

Behind the Scenes

The Kanan Jarrus lightsaber first appears in the Star Wars Canon in the novel Star Wars: A New Dawn (2014).

Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber in Real Life

Rubie’s Costume Co. makes an officially licensed plastic, non-electronic Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber costume accessory. Additionaly, Hasbro makes an officially licensed plastic, non-electronic BladeBuilders Kanan Jarrus Extendable Lightsaber toy. No officially licensed, higher-end Kanan Jarrus Force FX lightsaber, or an other higher-end Kanan Jarrus lightsaber prop replica currently exists.

Hasbro makes a Star Wars BladeBuilders Kanan Jarrus Extendable Lightsaber toy | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

Several custom saber companies have manufactured unlicensed, custom sabers inspired by the design of the Kanan Jarrus lightsaber. Some designs include: Saberforge Rebel, SaberMach Specter, Solo’s Hold Blind Knight, Ultrasabers Spectre, etc.

Image depicts Kanan Jarrus (left) and a closeup on the Kanan Jarrus lightsaber (right)

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