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The Fanoste lightsaber is a single-bladed red lightsaber wielded by the Sith Lord Fanoste. Fanoste is a Legacy era male Twi’lek Sith Lord in Star Wars Legends. His cover identity as a diplomat enables him to discreetly collect intelligence.

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Fanoste lightsaber
The Twi’lek Sith Lord Fanoste wields his red-bladed lightsaber against the rogue Sith Lord Darth Wredd | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Dark Horse Comics

Fanoste Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Fanoste lightsaber is comprised of a cylindrical metal hilt. The lightsaber features an emitter with a slanted or s-curve shape and a notched pommel. The Sith lightsaber emits a red blade.

Around the time of 139 ABY, Fanoste serves as a One Sith infiltrator. When One Sith intelligence tracks the insurgent Darth Wredd to the planet Mala, Fanoste leads a mission to find and destroy him. The Sith Lord Fanoste commands an army One Sith infiltrators during the operation. Believing Ania Solo and her companions to be harboring Darth Wredd, Fanoste ignites his red-bladed lightsaber and leads the One Sith Infiltrators in a charge. The ensuing battle becomes known as the Battle of the Floating World.

Seeking revenge against the One Sith, Darth Wredd had lured both the Fel Empire and the One Sith to Mala. He intends to spur the the Fel Empire to destroy the One Sith. Meanwhile, Wredd wants to convince Imperial Knight Jao Assam to turn to the dark side and serve as his Sith apprentice.

During the battle, a lightsaber-wielding Darth Wredd leaps out at Lord Fanoste. Wredd strikes down the Twi’lek Sith Lord, killing Fanoste. Wredd ultimately perishes in battle as well along with the entire contingency of One Sith infiltrators.

Behind the Scenes

The Fanoste lightsaber first appears in the comic book Star Wars Legacy II 17 (2014).

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Dark Horse Comics
Image depicts the Fanoste lightsaber in the comic book Star Wars Legacy II 17 (2014)

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