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The Darth Kruhl lightsaber is a single-bladed red lightsaber wielded by the Sith Lord Darth Kruhl in Star Wars Legends. Darth Kruhl is a Legacy era male Sith Lord and assassin for Darth Krayt’s One Sith Order. Although One Sith Order members commonly wield lightsabers with craggy, coral-like hilts, the Darth Kruhl lightsaber is a cylindrical metal hilt. The lightsaber hilt is adorned with black markings similar to Kruhl’s tattoos.

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Darth Kruhl lightsaber in the comic book Star Wars Legacy 13 (2007) | IMAGE CREDIT Dark Horse Comics

Darth Kruhl Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Darth Kruhl lightsaber is comprised of a cylindrical metal hilt. Several black, zigzag markings adorn the silver colored hilt. The black markings match the pattern of the Kruhl’s Sith tattoos. The Sith lightsaber features a flared emitter and a ring on the base of the hilt.

Darth Kruhl is skilled and aggressive in lightsaber combat. Brash and arrogant, Kruhl is an extremely loyal sevant of Darth Krayt. A Sith assassin, Darth Kruhl is a direct subordinate of Darth Maladi.

Mission Munto Codru

In 137 ABY, Darth Kruhl received orders to capture the Outer Rim planet Munto Codru for the One Sith Empire. Kruhl offers control of the planet to Rikkar-Du, an influential clan leader on the planet. Rikkar-Du rejects the offer and encourages his people to rise up and fight against Imperial domination.

Darth Kruhl and Rikkar-Du engage in combat. Rikkar-Du wields four knives while the Sith Lord ignites his lightsaber. Kruhl outmatches the man. The Sith Lord slays Rikkar-Du’s son, arranges for the death of his wife, and kills Rikkar-Du himself. He offers control of the planet to another powerful clan leader named Kassek-Ka, warning the individual against making the same mistake as Rikkar-Du. The leader accepts.

Mission to Bastion

Darth Maladi orders Darth Kruhl to infiltrate Bastion, the fortress-world that serves as the base of Roan Fel’s exiles Empire. Maladi commands him to assassinate Emperor Roan Fel. Former Munto Codru governor Vikar Dorn, another operative of Maladi, accompanies and assists the mission. Maladi secretly expects the mission to be a failure. She perceives Kruhl as expendable and his mission as a decoy in a larger plot.

Kruhl finds Fel meditating in a garden. As Kruhl moves in to strike Fel from behind, Roan Fel engages Kruhl in lightsaber combat. Instead of summoning Imperial Knights, Fel decides to handle the Sith Lord himself. Kruhl’s lightsaber shorts out after striking Fel’s cortosis gauntlet. Cortosis is a lightsaber resistant material that causes a lightsaber to deactivate upon contact. Undeterred, Kruhl unleashes Force lightning and uses the Force to hurl debris at Fel. The combatants engage briefly in hand-to-hand combat until Fel pulls of a concealed blaster and kills his would-be assassin.

Emperor Roan Fel sends the Darth Kruhl lightsaber back with formor governor Dor, signaling the failure of the assassin. Dor presents the Darth Kruhl lightsaber to Darth Maladi. She kills Dor for failing the mission.

Behind the Scenes

The Darth Kruhl lightsaber first appears in the comic book Star Wars Legacy 13: Ready to Die (2007).

Image depicts Darth Kruhl and the Darth Kruhl lightsaber in the comic book Star Wars Legacy 13: Ready to Die

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