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The Indeera Stokes lightsaber is a single-bladed yellow lightsaber wielded by the Jedi Knight Indeera Stokes in Star Wars Canon. Indeera Stokes is a High Republic era female Tholothian Jedi Knight. in 232 BBY, she is stationed stationed at Elphrona Jedi outpost.

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Indeera Stokes lightsaber (High Republic)
Jedi Knight Indeera Stokes wields a yellow-bladed lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Indeera Stokes Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

During the High Republic era, Indeera Stokes ascends to the rank of Jedi Knight within the Jedi Order. Around the time of the Great Disaster, Stokes is stationed at the Elphrona Jedi outpost in the Outer Rim Territories along with Jedi Master Porter Engel, Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm, and his Padawan Bell Zettifar.

After Nihil raiders kidnap the Blyth family, Indeera Stokes and the other Jedi at Elphrona pursue the Nihil. When the Nihil raiders destroy Greatstorm’s starfighter, the Jedi Master is presumed dead. In the aftermath of the raid, Indeera Stokes takes on Greatstorm’s Padawan, Bell Zettifar, as her apprentice. Zettifar does not lose hope that his master is still alive.

Behind the Scenes

The Indeera Stokes lightsaber appears on the Target Exclusive Cover of the novel Star Wars The High Republic: The Rising Storm (2021). The cover art depicts the lightsaber as a thin neck saber with a similar hilt design to the Obi-Wan Kenobi thin neck saber. Indeera Stokes and her lightsaber also appear in cover art for the novel Star Wars The High Republic: Light of the Jedi (2021).

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