Darth Atrius Lightsabers (Ancient Crossguard Sabers) | Lightsaber Profile

The Darth Artius lightsabers are a set of two red-bladed crossguard lightsabers constructed by Darth Atrius. Darth Atrius is an ancient Sith Lord in Star Wars Canon. Each Darth Artius lightsaber induces rage in whoever wields the weapon.

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The Darth Atrius crossguard lightsabers (left) and Luke Skywalker wielding one Darth Artius lightsaber against stormtroopers (right) in the comic book Star Wars Annual 4 (2018) | IMAGE CREDIT Marvel Comics

Darth Atrius Lightsaber History in Star Wars Canon

Darth Atrius, an ancient Sith Lord, constructs the two red-bladed crossguard lightsabers. Little is known about Atrius. He exists in a time when Sith Lords are plentiful. Over the years Atrius strikes down many adversaries with the lightsabers and his rage infects the weapons. Each rage-infected lightsaber is capable of inducing rage in whoever wields the weapon. Although Atrius is killed during a lightsaber duel with a group of Jedi, the two ancient crossguard lightsabers endure for years to come.

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, the smuggler Sana Starros recovers both Darth Atrius crossguard lightsabers. She sells one Atrius lightsaber to a crime lord on the planet Hradreek and the other Atrius lightsaber to the Galactic Empire.

After the non-Force sensitive crime lord acquires one Darth Atrius lightsaber, the crime lord is overcome with rage and kills his colleagues before ultimately being killed himself. Luke Skywalker soon recover the lightsaber from the scene and uses the lightsaber to strike down a group of stormtroopers.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker each come into possession of one of the Darth Atrius lightsabers in Star Wars Annual 4 (2018) | IMAGE CREDIT Marvel Comics

Meanwhile, an Imperial officer presents the other Darth Atrius lightsaber to Darth Vader. A rage-filled Darth Vader, equipped with both the crossguard lightsaber and his own lightsaber, soon strikes down various smugglers.

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader independently decide to destroy their respective Darth Atrius crossguard lightsaber, concluding that the rage-inducing lightsaber is too dangerous to allow to exist.

Behind the Scenes

The Darth Atrius lightsaber is introduced to Star Wars Canon in the comic book Star Wars Annual 4 (2018).


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