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The Shen Sabers Amphibian lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, a clan saber, is inspired by the design of the Jedi Master Kit Fisto lightsaber. The lightsaber is available as an empty hilt or as a fully installed sound saber (in-hilt LED or neopixel configurations are available). Amphibian, a limited run, is available for pre-order on the Shen Sabers website. Shen Sabers estimates the completion of the run in Fall 2020.

Shen Sabers

Shen Sabers Amphibian lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Shen Sabers

The Shen Sabers Amphibian lightsaber is comprised of a CNC machined aluminum alloy hilt. The anodized gray hilt features a radiator style emitter, black accent O-rings and a purple screw and a lilac screw in the lower part of the hilt. Push plungers are situated in the activation switch section and the pommel features hidden sound vents.

The hilt is 266 mm long and the outside diameter (OD) of the grooved grip section is about 34.5 mm to 37 mm. The blade holder accepts a 1 inch diameter blade and inside diameter (ID) is 28.1 mm. A custom heatsink is included. The heatsink has M2 holes in order to mount the piece in the chassis. The hilt kit includes spare O-rings, spare screws, and a hex wrench.

Fully installed Amphibian sound sabers, which are equipped with Proffieboard V2.2, are available configured as an in-hilt LED sound saber or as a neopixel saber. Installed sabers include a removable 3D printed ABS chassis, feature accent LEDs, and offer a Bluetooth module upgrade. A premium crystal chamber is available as well.

Shen Sabers

Shen Sabers is custom saber workshop based in Russia. Founded in 2018, the company sells empty hilts and fully installed sabers.

Image depicts a Shen Sabers Amphibian lightsaber

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