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The Darth Zannah lightsaber, Bane’s Heart, is an ancient double-bladed Sith lightsaber constructed and wielded by Darth Zannah. Darth Zannah is a Rise of the Republic era Sith Lord in Star Wars Legends. The saberstaff features an elongated cylindrical hilt and emits two carmine blades. The Bane’s Heart lightsaber shares its name with the Bane’s Heart lightsaber crystal, one of the two kyber crystals used to focus the lightsaber blades. Bane’s Heart is not part of Star Wars Canon.

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Darth Zannah constructs and wields the double-bladed Bane’s Heart lightsaber in Star Wars Legends. | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Bane’s Heart Lightsaber Blade Color

Bane’s Heart emits a carmine blade. Carmine refers to a very deep red color with very slight hints of purple.

Lightsaber Combat Style

Bane’s Heart is equipped shorter-than-average lightsaber blades, which are 0.75 meters (about 29.5 inches) each. The shorter blades make the weapon and quick, precise, and maneuverable, complementing Darth Zannah’s chosen lightsaber combat style of Form III: Soresu. Form III is a defensive style that favors close-quarter fighting. Zannah’s hypnotically fast and precise spins and twirling maneuvers could create a nearly impenetrable wall.

When the lightsaber is not in use, Darth Zannah, who is left-handed, wears Bane’s Heart near her left hip.

Bane’s Heart Lightsaber Construction and History

Darth Zannah constructs Bane’s Heart during her apprenticeship to Darth Bane, the ruling Dark Lord of the Sith at the time. The Bane’s Heart lightsaber uses two synthetic lightsabers crystals. One crystal, a specialized red starburst-shaped kyber crystal, is named Bane’s Heart, like the name of the lightsaber itself. The Bane’s Heart crystal releases an electrical discharge when the Bane’s Heart lightsaber is in the possession of anyone other than its owner. Through the years, Zannah wields the lightsaber against many opponents including Paak (a mercenary), several Jedi Knights, and ultimately her own master, Darth Bane.

Other Bane’s Heart Owners

Years later, the Bane’s Heart lightsaber comes into the possession of a Dark Jedi. By the time of the Clone Wars era, General Grievous kills the Dark Jedi and adds the Bane’s Heart lightsaber to his collection. Following Grevious’s demise, the Galactic Empire recovers Bane’s Heart, along with the rest Grevious’s confiscated lightsaber collection, from the general’s personal starfighter. Imperial scientists give Bane’s Heart to N-K Necrosis, a prototype combat droid created from the body of General Grievous.

Behind the Scenes

The Bane’s Heart lightsaber first appears in the Star Wars Legends novel Darth Bane: The Rule of Two (2006). The Bane’s Heart kyber crystal appears in the Rage of the Wookiees, a 2005 expansion pack for the video game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. When a player uses the Bane’s Heart crystal in their lightsaber, the weapon emits a purple-red blade.

Bane’s Heart Lightsaber in Real Life

No officially licensed Bane’s Heart lightsaber toys or prop replicas exist. Genesis Custom Sabers manufactured an unlicensed, custom saber inspired by the design of the Bane’s Heart lightsaber. The custom saber company Ultrasabers offers a reddish magenta blade color named “Bane’s Heart”.

Image depicts the Bane’s Heart lightsaber

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  1. Hello SaberSourcing, over the years I have come up with two designs inspired by Rain aka Darth Zannah. The latter being a fully 3D modelled hilt I made in Blender 3D. I based it on the Darth Maul saberstaff as Maul based his off her earlier design (and after getting beaten by a warrior who used a wooden staff against him). If you or your readers are interested you can find my “Rain Saber – Inspired by Darth Zannah” here…

    You will also find many more original and inspired by designs. Stay safe.


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