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The J-3DI lightsaber is a single-bladed blue lightsaber belonging to the droid J-3DI. J-3DI is a unique droid who believes he wields the power of the Force. He fights in competitive arena combat in the Outer Rim Territories sometime after the fall of the Galactic Empire between 5 ABY and 34 ABY.

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J-3DI lightsaber (droid lightsaber)
J-3DI wields a blue-bladed lightsaber in the video game Star Wars: Hunters (2022) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm Games/Zynga

J-3DI Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

The J-3DI lightsaber is comprised of a metal hilt that’s mostly silver color with black and gold accents. The hilt features a flared emitter, long hilt body, and knob-like pommel. The lightsaber emits a blue blade.

J-3DI is a unique droid who fights in competitive arena combat sometime between 5 ABY and 34 ABY. The venue, called The Arena, is located on the rocky planet Vespaara in the Outer Rim Territories. The droid believes he possesses the Force. His exterior plating resembles a tan Jedi tunic along with a brown belt, pants, and boots.

The creator of J-3DI and his blue-bladed lightsaber are unknown.

Behind the Scenes

The J-3DI lightsaber first appears in Star Wars: Hunters (2022), a free-to-play competitive arena combat game for mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. The character is also in the novel Star Wars Hunters: Battle for the Arena (2022), which is inspired by the game. J-3DI is one of the playable characters in the game. The droid’s name ‘J-3DI’ visually appears similar to the word ‘Jedi’.

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