Jedi Belt: Traditional Utility Belt of the Jedi Order

A Jedi belt is a traditional leather utility belt worn by members of the Jedi Order over their tunic. A Jedi typically attaches vital items to the adjustable belt including their personal lightsaber and several pouches containing essential tools and survival items. Although many Jedi from the Old Republic era up to the Clone Wars era wear a Jedi belt along with traditional Jedi robes, the Jedi Order does not mandate a specific dress code.

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Light Side Belt (i.e. Jedi belt) from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Light Side Belt from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge (i.e. Jedi belt) | IMAGE CREDIT shopDisney

Made from traditional leather, a Jedi belt features a metal belt fastener flanked by thin leather fastener bands on either side. The belt is commonly brown, dark brown or black in color. A Jedi commonly attaches leather pouches and their lightsaber to the belt. The pouches hold essential items that a Jedi may require at any given time, especially during a mission. The lightsaber attaches to the belt with a belt clip or holster. A Jedi may carry mission-specific and terrain-specific items on their belt as well.

Items attached to a Jedi belt may include:
• lightsaber (traditionally worn on the left side of the belt)
food and energy capsules
• Hush-98 comlink
• holoprojector (Imagecaster and/or holomap)
• A99 aquata breather
• fibercord grappling hook
• Jedi beacon transceiver
• glowrod
• tool kit for lightsaber repairs

Jedi Temple Guard Belt

A Jedi Temple Guard belt is a specialized Jedi belt variation. Jedi Temple Guards are anonymous, masked Jedi Knights charged with protecting the Jedi Temple on Coruscant until the fall of the Jedi Order and the Republic. The venerated guards wield a yellow-bladed lightsaber pike and may wear a series of keys on their belts.

Jedi Belt in Real Life

Disney offers an officially licensed costume Jedi belt called Light Side Belt for Adults. The belt is available exclusively at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney World. Rubie’s Costume Co. makes low end officially licensed Jedi costumes for adults, children and pets (!!). The Rubie’s Jedi themed costumes typically incorporate a Jedi belt into the design.

A variety of custom saber belts are available as well, particularly from various Etsy sellers and Amazon sellers. The belts range in quality and price.

NOTE: Not all costuming belts may fulfill the Rebel Legion’s standards. Anyone planning on joining the Rebel Legion costuming organization should read the organization’s Jedi Costume Standards (Generic) before making or buying any Jedi belt, robes, boots, or any other costuming item or accessory.

For a more detailed list, visit the List of Jedi and Sith Costume Sellers.

Image depicts a Light Side Belt from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

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