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T0-B1 lightsaber is a single-bladed cyan lightsaber wielded by T0-B1, a droid who dreams of being a Jedi. T0-B1 is a droid boy with light blue plating. He lives on a desolate planet with a human male named Mitaka during the reign of the Galactic Empire.

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T0-B1 lightsaber
T0-B1 lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

T0-B1 Lightsaber in Visions

Around 19 BBY, the droid boy T0-B1 resides on a planet with a human male named Mitaka. Mitaka operates a lab, dreaming of terraforming the planet to make it a beautiful place. Mitaka, who refers to T0-B1, the astromech droid C03, and the other droids as “his children”, repeatedly warns the droids to avoid the basement.

T0-B1 dreams of one day becoming a Jedi and fight evil. Mitaka advises to T0-B1 to seek out a kyber crystal, the heart of a lightsaber, saying there is one kyber crystal on the planet. T0-B1 searches the planet far and wide but cannot locate a crystal. Mitaka tells him to clear his mind and use the Force. T0-B1 continues searching the next day, unsuccessfully trying to use the Force to aid his quest.

T0-B1 eventually decides to search the forbidden basement, claiming the area is the only place he hasn’t looked. He finds a skyhopper and issues a message to all Jedi. His message draws the attention of the Imperial. The Empire dispatches a Inquisitor, a Jedi hunter, to the planet. Mitaka gives T0-B1 two lightsabers and hides him (T0-B1 learns that Mitaka had been a Jedi). The Inquisitor finds and strikes down Mitaka.

Constructing a Lightsaber

T0-B1 and C03 rebuild the damaged lab and pursue Mitaka’s dream of terraforming the planet. T0-B1 eventually constructs his own lightsaber from salvaged parts, finding a kyber crystal within his own body. The completed lightsaber features duel emitter shrouds and emits a cyan blade.

The same Inquisitor who killed Mitaka returns to the planet and engages T0-B1 in a lightsaber duel. During the ensuing battle, the Inquisitor cuts off one of T0-B1’s arm. The other droids on the planet attempt to help T0-B1 in battle–the Inquisitor cuts several of the droids down.

T0-B1 eventually defeats the Inquisitor. The droids celebrate the victory. T0-B1 and C03 board the skyhopper and leave the now-green and vibrant planet. T0-B1 hopes to continue Mitaka’s work and help people on other planets.

Behind the Scenes

A modern Pinnoccio story, the cybernetic droid T0-B1 dreams of becoming a “real Jedi”. The character is modeled after classic anime characters and pays homage to the manga character Astro Boy. T0-B1 and his cyan-bladed lightsaber first appear in the the short film “T0-B1” in the Star Wars Visions (2021) series on Disney+.

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