The Blade of Rur (lightsaber)

Blade of Rur (Lightsaber) | Lightsaber Profile

The blade of Rur is an ancient single-bladed blue lightsaber wielded by Rur. In addition to emitting a main blade, the lightsaber emits short, angled, spike-like side blades as well. Rur is an ancient Force-sensitive human male who leads Ordu Aspectu, an ancient splinter group of the Jedi Order. The unorthodox group is though to have existed millennia before the Battle of Yavin.

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The Blade of Rur (lightsaber)
The Blade of Rur in the comic book series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra | IMAGE CREDIT Marvel Comics

The Blade of Rur in Star Wars Canon

The blade of Rur is an ancient lightsaber with an unorthodox design. In addition to emitting a primary blade, the lightsaber emitter features four short, angled, spike-like side blades. The kyber crystal equipped lightsaber emits blue blades.

Sometime before 1000 BBY, Rur leads Ordu Aspectu, an ancient splinter group of the Jedi Order. Members of the unorthodox group are obsessed with finding a way to achieve immortal life. The obsession creates tension between Ordu Aspectu and the Jedi Order. Ordu Aspectu operates out of a space-station fortress called the Citadel of Rur.

Rur creates an artificial copy of his intellect on a computer in order preserve a copy of his skills and knowledge for eternity. The artificial copy calls itself Eternal Rur and comes to believe that it is the original Rur.

When the orthodox Jedi come to inspect the computer, Eternal Rur seizes control of the Ordu Aspectu’s droids. Eternal Rur starts killing everyone in the Citadel of Rur until Rur is the last survivor. Rur manages to cut off the power to the computer and Eternal Rur loses consciousness. Despite Eternal Rur’s loss of consciousness, the droids follow its last command and kill Rur.

Over a thousand years later, the archaeologist Chelli Aphra and her father Korin Aphra find the Citadel of Rur. Eternal Rur awakens angry and attack the Aphras. Chelli Aphra recovers the blade of Rur and wields the lightsaber against a droid controlled by Eternal Rur.

Behind the Scenes

The blade of Rur first appears in the comic book Doctor Aphra 5 (Mar 2017). The lightsaber is first referred to as “the Blade of Rur” in the comic book Doctor Aphra 11 (Aug 2017).

Image depicts Rur and the Blade of Rur

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