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The Warsabers Revanted lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is inspired by one of the Revan lightsabers. Revanted features an optional crystal chamber. Warsabers and ShtokCustomWorx collaborated on the design and development of the hilt. The Warsabers Revanted lightsaber is available as an empty hilt (no electronics) or installed as an in-hilt LED sound saber or neopixel saber.

Warsabers https://warsabers.com/en/shop
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Warsabers Revanted lightsaber (installed with electronics) | IMAGE CREDIT Warsabers

The Warsabers Revanted lightsaber, a CNC machined hilt, measures 265 mm long. The outside diameter (OD) ranges from 30 mm to 39 mm. The inside diameter (ID) 28 mm of the hilt can accommodate electronics that are 117 mm long. A 25 mm long 25 mm ID section may be used as additional space for electronics. The 1 inch diameter blade holder has a blade socket depth of about 50 mm. An optional crystal chamber, designed and developed by ShtokCustomWorx, is available as an add-on. The hilt features hidden sound vents. A Covertec wheel attaches near the base of the hilt.

The installed versions of the Warsabers Revanted lightsaber are equipped with a Warsabers Cerberus soundboard. Both in-hilt LED and neopixel configurations are available.

Warsabers Revanted lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Warsabers

Warsabers Revanted lightsaber hilt kit includes:
x1 Revanted lightsaber hilt (empty hilt)
x2 brass buttons
x2 button PCB
x1 Covertec wheel
x1 heatsink LED module
x1 blade retention screw (M3)

Warsabers is a custom saber company based in Russia. The company makes and sells empty hilts and sound sabers.

Image depicts the Warsabers Revanted lightsaber

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