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The Lycan lightsaber is a curved-hilt red lightsaber wielded by Lycan, a Dark Jedi. Lycan is a Rise of the Empire era male Jedi Knight who falls to the dark side and abandons the Jedi Order. Mercenary Darca Nyl confronts Lycan in a cave ultimately killing the Dark Jedi and taking possession of his lightsaber.

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Lycan Lightsaber (Dark Jedi)
Lycan lightsaber (curved-hilt) | IMAGE CREDIT Dark Horse Comics

Lycan Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Lycan lightsaber is comprised of cylindrical curved-hilt with a flared, dish-like emitter. The diameter cinches to a very thin diameter in the neck section. The lightsaber, a Dark Jedi lightsaber, emits a red blade.

Lycan serves the Jedi Order and ascends to the rank of Jedi Knight. He selects Sardoth as his Padawan and eventually introduces his apprentice to the dark side of the Force. Lycan falls to the dark side and leaves the Jedi Order and some point Sardoth falls to the dark side as well.

The Jedi search for Lycan and apprehend him and attempt to transport him back to Coruscant. Lycan seizes control of the ship, however, and the transport crash lands. Lycan, who lost his memory during the crash, enters the nearby home of Darca Nyl’s. The Dark Jedi finds Nyl’s son hiding there and kills the boy before he moves on. Darca Nyl learns the story and swears to enact vengeance on Lycan.

Though Lycan is suffering amnesia, he senses that he is strong in the dark of the Force. The dark side draws him the desert planet Molavar. On the planet Lycan wins big gambling. When someone accuses him a cheating, Lycan kills everyone with the Force, except for the dealer.

In 32 BBY, Nyl catches up with Lycan and confronts the Dark Jedi. Lycan overpowers the non-Force sensitive Nyl in a cave and takes his green-bladed lightsaber, but spares the mercenary to help him regain his memory. Nyl tells Lycan who he is and why Nyl is pursuing him. Lycan rejoices and promises to thank Nyl by giving him a quick death. Nyl activates the mines he’d rigged in the cave earlier. Lycan dies in the cave collapse. The mercenary manages to escape, recovering and taking the red-bladed Lycan lightsaber with him.

Darca Nyl Wields the Lycan Lightsaber

Years later in 9 months ABY, Lycan’s former apprentice Sardoth recognizes the Lycan’s lightsaber hanging on Nyl’s belt. The Dark Jedi accuses Nyl of killing Lycan and taking his lightsaber. Darth Vader kills Sardoth with a lightsaber strike before the Dark Jedi could recover the Lycan lightsaber and add it to his illegal lightsaber collection.

Behind the Scenes

The Lycan lightsaber first appears in “Nomad”, a short story in the comic book Star Wars Tales 25 (2005). The lightsaber also appears in the comic book Star Wars Rebellion 10 (2015).

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Dark Horse Comics
Image depicts Lycan wielding his curved-hilt red lightsaber

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