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The Darth Noctyss lightsaber is a sickle-bladed lightsaber with a red blade. Darth Noctyss is an ancient female Sith Lord in Star Wars Canon. She journeys to the planet Exegol seeking immortality. Darth Sanguis becomes her servant.

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Darth Noctyss Sith lightsaber with a curved blade
The mysterious Darth Noctyss wields a sickle-bladed lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Disney-Lucasfilm Press (artwork by Grant Griffin)

Darth Noctyss lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

“Worlds fell to her sickle-bladed lightsaber, and the ruins of the civilization of Ivis stand as testament to her hatred.” — excerpt from “A Life Immortal”

Darth Noctyss wears a dark cloak and hood to mask her identity. The Sith Lord wields a red Sith lightsaber with a sickle-bladed lightsaber. Although the lightsaber emits a curved blade, the design, shape and material of the Darth Noctyss lightsaber hilt is unknown. Noctyss complements her formidable lightsaber combat skills with the ability to unleash Force lightning.

Darth Noctyss is a powerful and mysterious ancient Sith Lord. She journeys to the dark desert planet Exegol in search of immortality. She encounters Darth Sanguis, a male Sith Lord who has achieved immortality as a twisted creature. Sanguis becomes the servant of Noctyss. Noctyss finds Sanguis’ lab and notes about achieving immortality. She carefully studies and follows ritual, sacrificing Darth Sanguis in the process. The ritual twists her into a creature much like Darth Sanguis.

Behind the Scenes

The Darth Noctyss lightsaber first appears in artwork for the short story “A Life Immortal” (2020). The story and artwork are included in a book of short stories called Star Wars: Dark Legends (2020). The Darth Noctyss lightsaber is the first sickle-bladed lightsaber.

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COVER IMAGE CREDIT Disney-Lucasfilm Press (artwork by Grant Griffin)
Image depicts the mysterious Darth Noctyss wielding a sickle-bladed lightsaber

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