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The Ben Solo lightsaber is a blue-bladed lightsaber that Ben Solo constructs and wields as a Jedi Padawan before falling to the dark side and assuming the name and identity, Kylo Ren. The Ben Solo lightsaber is a single-blade lightsaber, featuring a primarily metallic silver hilt with a flared pommel.

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Ben Solo constructs his Jedi lightsaber while training as a Jedi Padawan at Jedi Master Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Temple. Skywalker is Solo’s uncle. Sensing a growing darkness in Ben Solo, Skywalker ignites his green-bladed lightsaber next to his sleeping nephew and immediately regrets his reactive measures. Solo awakens frightened and, believing his uncle intends to kill him, instinctively draws his own blue-bladed Jedi lightsaber and uses the Force to collapse his room, trapping Skywalker under the rubble. Skywalker awakens to witness a mysterious storm razing the Jedi Temple, killing many of his students. Solo flees, feeling enraged and betrayed.

Following the destruction of the Jedi Temple, Ben Solo joins the First Order, begins studying the dark of the Force under the tutelage of Supreme Leader Snoke, and adopts the new name Kylo Ren. Instead of building a new red-bladed lightsaber outright, Kylo Ren converts his existing blue-bladed Jedi lightsaber into a menacing crossguard lightsaber modeled after an ancient design.

Ben Solo lightsaber (top) and Kylo Ren lightsaber (bottom) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Behind the Scenes

The Ben Solo lightsaber makes its first appearance in flashback sequences in the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017). The reference book Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary (2019) provides the first official confirmation that the Kylo Ren crossguard lightsaber is indeed a heavily modified version of the Ben Solo lightsaber.

Ben Solo Lightsaber in Real Life

Disney sells a high-end Ben Solo legacy lightsaber at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. No other officially licensed Ben Solo lightsaber collectibles or toys are currently in production.

Image depicts the Ben Solo lightsaber in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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