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The Amon lightsaber is an ancient blue-bladed lightsaber wielded by Amon in Star Wars Canon. Amon is a human male member of Ordu Aspectu, a group of unorthodox Jedi who form a splinter group separate from the Jedi Order. The group, which is headquartered in a space station called the Citadel of Rur, exists millennia prior to 0 BBY.

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Amon lightsaber (ancient lightsaber) | IMAGE CREDIT Marvel/Disney

Amon Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

Amon is a member of the Ordu Aspectu, a splinter group of the Jedi Order said to exist millennia prior to 0 ABY. Differing historical accounts of the group exist. Some accounts claim the group was led by Rur, headquartered in a space station known as the Citadel of Rur, and strove to prolong life for everyone. In another version of events, Ordu Aspectu selfishly captured a group of Jedi Padawans whom they sacrificed to achieve immortality. Finally, some claim the group may not have existed at all.

If the group did exist, they are said to have met their demise after the Jedi Order sends several ships to investigate the Citadel of Rur. In one version of the history, a member of the Jedi boarding party slays Amon with her lightsaber, killing him in an early stage of the doom of the Order Aspectu.

Behind the Scenes

The Amon first appears in a flashback in the comic book Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #2 (2016).

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