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The Saes Rrogon lightsaber is a single-bladed red lightsaber wielded by the Sith Lord Saes Rrogon in Star Wars Legends. Saes Rrogon is an Old Republic era male Kaleesh Jedi-turned-Sith Lord. After going on a mission to extract Lignan crystals, Rrogon activates a damaged hyperdrive that throttles his ship forward in time to 41.5 ABY.

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Saes Rrogon lightsaber
Saes Rrogon wields a red-bladed lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Del Rey

Saes Rrogon Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

Saes Rrogon learns the ways of the Force under the guidance of the Jedi Order. Jedi Master Relin Druur takes on Rrogon as his Jedi Padawan. During a mission, Druur and Rrogon discover Lignan ore, a material that enables a lightsaber to burn hotter and last longer than lightsabers equipped with a standard lightsaber crystal. Lignan also enhances a dark side user’s Force powers. At some point after the mission Saes Rrogon turns to the dark side and leaves the Jedi Order. He joins Naga Sadow’s Sith Empire.

In 5000 BBY, the Sith Empire invades the Galactic Republic prompting the start of the Great Hyperspace War. Rrogon commands the ship the Harbinger and undertakes a mission to extract Lignan crystals. He locates Lignan crystals and loads them onto the ship. Meanwhile, Druur attempts to sabotage the Harbinger by attaching charges to the ship’s hyperdrive.

Before the charges explode, Rrogon and Druur confront each other on theship. Each unsuccessfully attempts to convince the other to join their respective side. Rrogon ignites his red lightsaber and Druur ignites his green lightsaber. They engage in a lightsaber duel. Druur loses an arm in the duel and ultimately flees in an escape pod. The charges explode, but only partially disable the hyperdrive. Rrogon activates the damaged hyperdrive causing the Harbinger and Druur’s adjacent escape pod to travel through time to 41.5 ABY.

In 41.5 ABY, Druur and Rrogon meet again and duel again aboard the Harbinger. Increasingly fueled by anger about his own failures in life, Druur Force-chokes Rrogon and impales the Sith Lord in the chest with his own red-bladed lightsaber. Rrogon dies.

Behind the Scenes

The Saes Rrogon lightsaber first appears on the cover of the novel Star Wars: Crosscurrent (2010). The cover art is by Dave Seely. The lightsaber hilt features a clan saber style design and somewhat resembles the Clone Wars era Shaak Ti lightsaber and Adi Gallia lightsaber.

Image depicts the Saes Rrogon lightsaber on the cover of Star Wars Crosscurrent (2010)

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