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The Force Relics Gungi lightsaber, a custom wooden lightsaber kit, is inspired by the design of the lightsaber constructed by Gungi, a Wookiee Jedi youngling. The custom saber is available as an empty hilt kit capable of accepting electronics. The Force Relics Gungi lightsaber, a limited run of 20 hilts, was unveiled in spring 2013.

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Force Relics Gungi lightsaber
Force Relics Gungi lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Force Relics

The Force Relics Gungi lightsaber is comprised of a beech wood hilt that is colored and waxed. Alumide parts attach onto the hilt. Alumide is 3D printed material that combines plastic and aluminum dust. The hilt is equipped with an aluminum blade holder (tapped with a blade retention screw hole) and aluminum pommel. The hilt measures 28 cm long and features an inside diameter (ID) of 28 mm.

An aluminum heatsink is included in the hilt kit along with a tactile switch with a custom cap and custom switch ring. The kit includes a blade retention thumb screw and a retention thumb screw to secure an LED module (not included) inside the hilt.

Force Relics Gungi lightsaber
Force Relics Gungi lightsaber blade holder (left) and pommel (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Force Relics

Force Relics (Etsy) affiliate link

Force Relics is a Belgium based custom saber company that offers limited runs of niche character inspired designs. The company sells lightsaber parts and other custom hilts as well.

Image depicts the Force Relics Gungi lightsaber

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