Ultrasabers Dark Liberator V3 Lightsaber Full Review green blade

This is an Ultrasabers Dark Liberator V3 lightsaber with a consular green blade (i.e. green LED). The lightsaber is configured as a stunt saber (no sound) and features a metallic red guarded switch.

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Dark Liberator V3 is a predominantly black lightsaber hilt. Ultrasabers names many of its black lightsaber hilts ‘Dark’ (e.g. Dark Liberator, Dark Apprentice, Dark Initiate, etc.).

Overall, Dark Liberator V3 is relatively simple and elegant in design. One of the most attractive and defining features of Dark Liberator V3 is the windowed and grooved emitter section. Two rows of pinhole windows in the emitter sandwich a series of three grooves.

Two metallic silver colored horizontal grooves segment the hilt into three distinct sections, breaking up the monotony of the predominantly black hilt. The middle section, which contains the metallic red colored guarded switch, features a tapered grip. The tapered grip allows the user to more comfortably handle, maneuver and spin the lightsaber.

The hilt’s MHS compatible pommel caps off the hilt with two closely spaced metallic silver colored horizontal groove as well. Changing the pommel is one of the easiest ways to change the look of the hilt, so you could swap out the pommel with another Ultrasabers MHS compatible pommel or a MHS V1 pommel from The Custom Saber Shop.

Dark Liberator V3 is 11.625 inches long and 1.45 inches wide, which is a pretty standard and common length and diameter for a lightsaber hilt.

Established in 2005, Ultrasabers is a United States based custom saber company.

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