Ultrasabers Archon V3.1 Lightsaber Hilt Full Review with Custom Activation Box

This is an Ultrasabers Archon 3.1 lightsaber that features an intriguing, added custom activation box. I purchased the lightsaber hilt secondhand, and the previous owner had modded the hilt, adding the decorative activation box and clamp card. Few Ultrasabers hilts come with an activation box, and NONE of the Ultrasabers hilts feature clamp cards at all.

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Ultrasabers Archon 3.1 is a thin neck lightsaber. The hilt is actually the very first thin neck lightsaber made by Ultrasabers. Ultrasabers had previously released a similar hilt design, called Archon 2.1. Although the overall design and layout of Ultrasabers Archon 2.1 and Ultrasabers Archon 3.1 is very similar, the neck on Archon 2.1 is much wider and a more standard size than the thin neck on Archon 3.1.

Archon 3.1 is about 1.5 inches wide and 12 inches long, which is a pretty standard length for a lightsaber. The hilt takes 1 inch diameter blades, like all Ultrasabers hilts. The hilt also features a removable pommel and emitter piece, both of which are MHS compatible. The user could mix and match various MHS compatible emitter and pommel sections from Ultrasabers or MHS V1 emitter and pommel sections from The Custom Saber Shop. I exchanged the Archon V3.1 emitter with an Ultrasabers Dorinian emitter, resulting in more of a mashup lightsaber or Frankensaber appearance.

Changing the thin neck emitter section to a wider, most standard sized emitter allows more light into the lightsaber blade, increasing the brightness of the lightsaber blade. Thin neck lightsabers, such as Ultrasabers Archon V3.1 may be a bit dimmer due to the narrow neck.

The hilt features a guarded switch, although if you purchase the lightsaber from Ultrasabers, you could upgrade to an AV switch. The upper grip section features a series of anodized black grooves. Below the custom activation box section is a Covertec wheel, which Ultrasabers considers an upgrade feature on this hilt model. Finally, the pommel includes a small D-ring or tri-ring (the ring looks close to a triangle, however, Ultrasabers officially calls the piece a ‘D-ring’).

Archon V3.1 offers two pommel options: Regular (the two-toned, black and metallic silvered colored pommel shown) and Classic (all metallic silver in color).

I enjoy my hilt’s custom addition of an activation box, although some lightsaber enthusiasts justifiably dislike activation boxes due to their clunky look and also due to the fact that an activation box often gets in the way during dueling and lightsaber spinning. Fans who dislike activation boxes will be happy to hear that Archon 3.1, as sold by Ultrasabers, DOES NOT include an activation box.

Despite the drawbacks, the addition of the custom activation box and clamp card gives the hilt much more of an in-universe feel. Many Star Wars fans and lightsaber enthusiasts love thin neck lightsaber like this due to their ‘in-universe’ feel. The Original Trilogy Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber and the Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi lightsaber both feature a thin neck. The activation box is for show only, however. The metallic blue guarded switch activates the lightsaber’s blue LED.

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