Saberforge Vigilant Lightsaber hilt full review

The Saberforge Vigilant lightsaber hilt is unofficially inspired by the Ki-Adi-Mundi lightsaber. Saberforge discontinued the Vigilant hilt model in June 2018, so the only place to find the hilt now is in the secondary market (i.e. eBay, lightsaber Facebook groups, lightsaber forums, etc.).

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The hilt is 10.5 inches long and about 1.5 inches in diameter, although there’s some variation in the diameter throughout the hilt. This is the empty hilt version, which Saberforge calls Initiate Tier.

The emitter area features a few parts that flare out. There are two retention screws near the top of the hilt: one is a blade retention screw and the other is intended to hold the LED module in place.

I purchased the hilt directly from Saberforge and it included two removable black O-rings near the top of the hilt, although the O-rings were not present in the default Saberforge photo so I’m not sure if the O-rings come standard with the hilt or not. Nevertheless, O-rings are a welcome addition to the hilt and would also complement the grip area of the lightsaber.

The grip area on Vigilant is higher on the lightsaber hilt than many other lightsaber hilts. The grip area on other hilts is often in the middle or near the bottom of the hilt. The bottom section of the hilt features a small, non-functional activation box and two thumb screw greeblies, which makes holding the hilt below the grip area uncomfortable. The greeblies could be easily removed, but the activation box is permanently attached.

Since this Vigilant hilt is Initaite Tier (empty), Saberforge glued in some dummy switches in the holes that would contain the activation switches. A black Covertec wheel is located at the bottom of the lightsaber hilt. It’s possible to swap the Covertec wheel and the lower thumb screw, although hole designed for the thumb screw features an additional recessed area that the Covertec wheel hole does not have.

Vigilant is a two-piece hilt: a body and a pommel. The pommel, like all Saberforge hilts, is vented.

Overall, it’s a neat, Ki-Adi-Mundi-style lightsaber hilt. Just be aware of the higher grip area and the fact that the small activation box and thumb screws near the bottom of the hilt may be a bit uncomfortable to grip.

Since Saberforge Vigilant is a discontinued lightsaber hilt, you can try searching for Vigilant on eBay [AFFILIATE LINK] or in lightsaber Facebook groups or forums.

Saberforge Etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK]

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