Saberforge Gladius Lightsaber Review | Blood Orange Blade

The Saberforge Gladius Lightsaber is a custom saber inspired by the design of an Old Republic lightsaber in the 2011 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). The name ‘Gladius’ is likely derived from a real world Gladius, a sword wielded by ancient Roman foot soldiers.

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NOTE: The version of the Saberforge Gladius lightsaber that I’m examining in this article is an older generation than the one currently available on the Saberforge website. The overall design is similar, but there are some small design changes.

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The lightsaber is configured as a Warrior Tier Saber, which is stunt saber that lights up, but does not make sound. The lightsaber is equipped with a Blood Orange blade. Although the blade looks a bit yellow in the photos, but in real life the color looks more like a bright and vibrant safety orange or construction worker orange.

Saberforge Gladius about 10.5 inches long and accommodates a 1 inch diameter blade. The hilt is primarily metallic silver in color with some black accents and a features a Dark Brown Synthetic Leather Wrap (other optional wraps in various colors and styles are available).

A slightly domed emitter, the widest section of the hilt, flares out of the top of the hilt. The hilt narrows and narrows further into two deep, horizontal grooves. The deep grooves, which are black, feature two thin and shallow grooves at the bottom. A large, smooth, metallic silver colored shroud extends down the hilt. A recessed activation switch is situated near the middle of the hilt. The hilt tapers in the middle (the tapered area may serve as a choke point for spinning and maneuvering the lightsaber). A Dark Brown Synthetic Leather Wrap extends around the lower grip section.

The hilt flares out into the second widest section near the base. The section, which features the Covertec wheel, echoes the design of the wide emitter section. Finally, a discreet, domed, vented pommel caps off the end of the hilt.

Saberforge, a United States based company, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

Saberforge Etsy affiliate link

Saberforge website

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